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2010 (Vol. 2, Issue: 1)
Article Information:

Elements Evaluation of Some Edible Vegetables and Fruits of Iran and India

Ali Aberoumand and S.S. Deokule
Corresponding Author:  Ali Aberoumand 

Key words:  Eulophia, minerals, Portulaca, nutritional value, , ,
Vol. 2 , (1): Page No: 35-37
Submitted Accepted Published
2009 June, 08 2009 July, 18 2010 January, 10

Fruits and leafy vegetables are believed to occupy a modest place as a source of trace elements due to their high water content. In addition to meeting nutrient intake levels, greater consumption of fruits and vegetables is associated with reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke, and cancers of the mouth, pharynx, esophagus, lungs, stomach, and colon. Results showed Portulaca oleracia contains the macro-elements high value such as sodium(7.17 mg g-1), potassium(14/71mgg-1), calcium(18/71mg g-1) and also it contain high ash value in com parison with others plants. Therefore, Portulaca oleracia has high nutritional value. Eulophia ochreata contains maximum micro-elements values such as iron (5.04mgg-1) and zinc (3.83mg g-1) in comparison with others plants, therefore it has high nutritional value from point view of trace(micro) elements. Momordica dioicia or Cordia myxa Roxb have the minimum nutritional values, because they have ash minimum values and contain sodium and calcium minimum values, but Cordia myxa has zinc minimum value. Alocacia indica, Asparagus officinalis, Chlorophytum comosum, Cordia Myxa, Eulophia Ochreata have medium nutritional values.
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Ali Aberoumand and S.S. Deokule, 2010. Elements Evaluation of Some Edible Vegetables and Fruits of Iran and India.  Asian Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 2(1): Page No: 35-37.
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