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2010 (Vol. 2, Issue: 3)
Article Information:

Biological and Physiological Perspectives of Specificity in Abiotic Salt Stress Response from Various Rice Plants

Baby Joseph, D. Jini and S. Sujatha
Corresponding Author:  S. Sujatha 

Key words:  Abiotic-stress, Oryza sativa, salinity, salt tolerance, , ,
Vol. 2 , (3): Page No: 99-105
Submitted Accepted Published
2010 April, 12 2010 April, 27 2010 July, 05

Abiotic pressures like salt stress and chemical insultance can impose limitations on crop productivity and also limit land available for farming, often in regions that can ill afford such constraints, thus highlighting a greater need for understanding how plants respond to adverse conditions with the hope of improving tolerance of plants to environmental stress. More is becoming known about the physiological and molecular effects of environmental stress. Salt-tolerant transgenic rice plants have been produced using a host of different genes and transcript profiling by micro- and macroarray-based methods has opened the gates for the discovery of novel salt stress mechanisms in rice, and comparative genomics is turning out to be a critical input in this respect. Despite, Rice is moderately sensitive to salt in the field as almost all the other crop species. A lthough rice is considered as a sensitive crop to salinity, it is one of the most widely grown crops in coastal areas frequently inundated with saline seawater during high tidal period. In this review, highlighted the effects of salinity on the morphological, physiological, biochemical and genetic characters in monocotyledon plant of rice were discussed along with recent development in salt stress research. Since rice is moderately resistant to salinity and great degree of genotypic variation is found, hence, it is possible to develop varieties with enhanced salt tolerance if appropriate strategies and advanced techniques are adopted.
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Baby Joseph, D. Jini and S. Sujatha, 2010. Biological and Physiological Perspectives of Specificity in Abiotic Salt Stress Response from Various Rice Plants.  Asian Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 2(3): Page No: 99-105.
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