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2011 (Vol. 3, Issue: 4)
Article Information:

Comparative Determination of Antinutritional Factors in Groundnut Oil and Palm Oil

H.M. Inuwa, V.O. Aina, Baba Gabi, I. Aimola and Amao Toyi
Corresponding Author:  Victor Wummi Aina 

Key words:  Aflatoxin, antinutritional factors, cyanogenic glycosides, groundnut oil, palm oil, phytate,
Vol. 3 , (4): 275-279
Submitted Accepted Published
2011 May, 21 2011 July, 02 2011 August, 31

The research was aimed at determining the degree of antinutritional factors in palm oil and groundnut oil and to know the effect of these factors on the nutritional value of these oils and to know the possible preventive measures. Antinutritional factors are substances found in most food substances which are poisonous to humans and in some ways limit the nutrient availability to the body. The groundnut oil and palm oil were extracted using the soxhlet extraction method. Oxalate and phytate were determined using titration method and aflatoxin was determined using thin layer chromatography. Tannin, trypsin inhibitor, cyanogenic glycosides, hemagglutinin and alkaloids were determined using different procedures. The lethal level of anti-nutritional factors is 50-60 mg/kg for cyanogenic glycosides and phytate and 2.5 g/kg for oxalate and trypsin inhibitor, the lethal doses of these substances were higher compared to the amount that can be possibly found in a food substance at a time from the findings of this research work, groundnut oil contains a higher concentration of the analyzed anti-nutritional factors compared to palm oil.
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H.M. Inuwa, V.O. Aina, Baba Gabi, I. Aimola and Amao Toyi, 2011. Comparative Determination of Antinutritional Factors in Groundnut Oil and Palm Oil.  Advance Journal of Food Science and Technology, 3(4): 275-279.
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