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2010 (Vol. 2, Issue: 1)
Article Information:

Bursa spinosa - A Mesogastropod Fit for Human Consumption

A. Babu, K. Kesavan, D. Annadurai and S. Rajagopal
Corresponding Author:  A. Babu 

Key words:  Amino acid, Bursa spinosa, fatty acids, Proximate composition, , ,
Vol. 2 , (1): Page No: 79-83
Submitted Accepted Published
2009 October, 12 2009 November, 11 2010 January, 10

Not a great deal of work available on the biochemical concerto of prosobranch gastropods, which are fit, for human consumption. To study the nutritive value of a commonly occurring gastropod Bursa spinosa, which is found in huge numbers in the trash along Southeast coast of India was selected for the investigation. Tissues of different body parts were analyzed and the results showed that the percentage of protein ranged from 19.25 to 27.9%, carbohydrate 3.4 to 7.7% and lipid 2.8 to 4.9%. The ash content was found between 0.86 and 1.42%. The water content was found between 49.02 and 55.54% in all the samples analyzed. The SFA was found dominant 38.73% , PUFA of 36.12% and MUFA contributed 4.31% of the total fatty acids. From the present study it is clear that this gastropod is fit for human nutrition. The total amino acid available was found to be 96.8%, among them the essential amino acids (EAA) 50.01% non essential amino acids (NEAA) 46.79% and unidentified amino acids 3.2% were found to present. The results of present study revealed that (EAA) methionine 14.54%, threonine 11.21% and leucine 10.78% and (NEAA) Glutamine10.87%, glutamic acid 10.85% and arginine 10.66% are the major contributes.
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A. Babu, K. Kesavan, D. Annadurai and S. Rajagopal, 2010. Bursa spinosa - A Mesogastropod Fit for Human Consumption.  Advance Journal of Food Science and Technology, 2(1): Page No: 79-83.
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