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2013 (Vol. 5, Issue: 04)
Article Information:

Effect of Direct Sowing Rates on Mid-season “Rice Feng-liang-you-xiang-1”

Wen-jing He, Peng-fei Li, Zhi-hua Yuan, Yan-xia Zhang, Dan-ying Xing, Xiao-jiao Xiang and Hong Lu
Corresponding Author:  Dan-ying Xing 

Key words:  Direct sowing, middle-season rice, Production, Seeding rate, , ,
Vol. 5 , (04): 422-424
Submitted Accepted Published
October 31, 2012 December 22, 2012 April 15, 2013

To study the suitable seeding rate of middle-season rice sown directly in Jianghan Plain, 6 treatments were set up with different seeding rates for hybrid rice Feng-liang-you-xiang-1 which was sown directly: 22.5, 30, 37.5, 45, 52.5, 60 kg/hm2, respectively and the optimum seeding rate was selected. Some initiative results were made. The seeding rate influences whole growth period, yield components, yield and relative economic output of Feng-liang-you-xiang-1 significantly. It shows a quadratic curve relationship between seeding rate and whole growth period and when the seeding rates were less than 30 kg/hm2 or more than 52.5 kg/hm2, the whole growth period was obviously shortened compared with that of other seeding rate. Among the yield components, panicles, grains panicles, seed-setting rate and harvest index are effected very significantly by the seeding rate, showing a linear relationship of quadratic curve; while to 1000 seed weight the influence don’t reach the level of significant difference. And seeding rate shows in curve relation to yield (y = 2.5248x2 + 198.89x + 7620.1); when the seeding rate is 39.387 kg/hm2, the yield reaches the maximum value of 11536.95 kg/hm2.
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Wen-jing He, Peng-fei Li, Zhi-hua Yuan, Yan-xia Zhang, Dan-ying Xing, Xiao-jiao Xiang and Hong Lu, 2013. Effect of Direct Sowing Rates on Mid-season “Rice Feng-liang-you-xiang-1”.  Advance Journal of Food Science and Technology, 5(04): 422-424.
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