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2013 (Vol. 5, Issue: 06)
Article Information:

Effect of Partial Substitution of Fresh Cow Milk with Bambaranut Milk on Nutritional Characteristics and Yield of Soft (‘Unripe’) Cheese-‘Warankashi’

S.U. Okorie and I.I. Adedokun
Corresponding Author:  I.I. Adedokun 

Key words:  Analogue, bambaranut-milk, cheese, nutritional, warankashi, yield,
Vol. 5 , (06): 665-670
Submitted Accepted Published
December 15, 2012 February 01, 2013 June 05, 2013

Nutrition characteristics and percentage yield of cheese ‘warankashi’ with partial substitution of bambaranut milk was studied. Extracted bambaranut milk was blended with fresh raw cow milk using varying proportions of 5:95; 10:90; 15:85; 20:80; 30:70; 40:60 and 50:5050%, cheese analogue of 100% bambaranut and a control of whole cow milk cheese was produced. Samples of cheese from different mix and control were examined for nutritional characteristics and percentage cheese yield. Data obtained from each examination was statistically analyzed. The result on percentage yield of cheese showed an increase from 28.05% control sample (100% cow milk cheese) as level of bambaranut milk increases in the cheese mix to 40.22% of cheese with 50% added bambaranut. Cheese analogue recorded highest (52.86%) yield. Increase in proportion of added bambaranut milk (5-50%) in cheese making caused significant (p<0.05) changes in proximate content, the values ranged from 7.86% protein; 0.58% ash; 1.05% crude fiber; 13.17% carbohydrate to maximum values of 14.69% protein; 2.51% ash; 3.51% crude fiber; and 28.7% carbohydrate. Crude fat declined from 13.59% control sample of 100% cow milk cheese to 8.62% of 100% cheese analogue. The mineral content of cheese samples showed a maximum values of 44.79 mg/kg calcium, 2.37 mg/kg potassium and declined as there was increase bambaranut milk substitution in the cheese samples, while 8.11 mg/kg iron, 3.01 mg/kg zinc, 9.40 mg/kg phosphorous and manganese of 1.52 mg/kg highest value in each cases among the samples. The results showed the potential of bambaranut as alternative source of milk analogue in cheese with improved nutritional values and percentage yield.
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S.U. Okorie and I.I. Adedokun, 2013. Effect of Partial Substitution of Fresh Cow Milk with Bambaranut Milk on Nutritional Characteristics and Yield of Soft (‘Unripe’) Cheese-‘Warankashi’.  Advance Journal of Food Science and Technology, 5(06): 665-670.
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