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2013 (Vol. 5, Issue: 09)
Article Information:

Composition and Nitrogen Distribution of Ouled-Djellal and Rumbi Algerian Ewe’s Milk

B. Yabrir, A. Hakem (ex Akam), A. Laoun, M. Labiad, H. Attia and A. Mati
Corresponding Author:  B. Yabrir 

Key words:  Algeria, milk composition, nitrogen distribution, Ouled-Djellal ewe, Rumbi ewe, ,
Vol. 5 , (09): 1220-1226
Submitted Accepted Published
June 07, 2013 June 20, 2013 September 05, 2013

The chemical composition and nitrogen distribution of milk from two ewe’s breed (Ouled-Djellal and Rumbi) (n = 20 each) reared in Algerian area steppe, were studied. The ewes were balanced for age and weight. All were in middle period of lactation. Individual milk samples were taken from each ewe third time from lactating period during spring season. Rumbi ewe’s milk gave the highest values (p≤0.01) for lactose (4.89±0.61%), solid non-fat (11.19±0.87%) and density (1037.57±3.78) than Ouled-Djellal ewes (4.38±0.45%, 10.24±0.77% 1033.82±2.59, respectively) and lowest values (p≤0.01) for freezing point (-0.57±0.05°C vs -0.53±0.02°C). No significant difference was observed between the two breeds on fat, protein, total solids. The mean percentages were 6.26±1.38%, 5.54±0.76 and 16.51±1.44%, respectively for Ouled-Djellal ewes, while those of Rumbi’s were 5.66±3.52%, 5.91±1.10% and 16.85±3.32%, respectively. No statistical differences related to the breed were found in the milk for all nitrogen fractions. Rumbi ewe’s milk contains about 1.01% nitrogen however Ouled-Djellal’s hold about 0.96%. Total nitrogen content is distributed between non-protein nitrogen (0.09% in all breeds) and protein nitrogen (0.93 vs 0.87% for Rumbi and Ouled -Djellal ewes respectively). The protein nitrogen includes casein nitrogen (0.76 vs 0.71) and whey protein nitrogen (0.20 vs 0.19%) from Rumbi and Ouled-Djellal ewes, respectively. Algerian sheep breeds were not actually selected for their milk production; selection program should be implemented to improve milk production and increase fat and protein contents. Thus further studies should carry out on milk ability and milk yield of these breeds.
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B. Yabrir, A. Hakem (ex Akam), A. Laoun, M. Labiad, H. Attia and A. Mati, 2013. Composition and Nitrogen Distribution of Ouled-Djellal and Rumbi Algerian Ewe’s Milk.  Advance Journal of Food Science and Technology, 5(09): 1220-1226.
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