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2013 (Vol. 5, Issue: 10)
Article Information:

Sensory and Chemical Evaluation of Beef Based Dambu-nama (BBDN)

Eke, Mike Ojotu, Ariahu, Charles Chukwuma and Abu, Joseph Oneh
Corresponding Author:  Eke, Mike Ojotu 

Key words:  Amino acid, beef based Dambu-nama, mineral compositions, proximate and sensory, , ,
Vol. 5 , (10): 1271-1274
Submitted Accepted Published
March 04, 2013 April 17, 2013 October 05, 2013

The bioavailabilty of the Beef Based Dambu-nama (BBDN) were evaluated by the analysis of the amino acids, minerals, vitamins and proximate composition using four processing treatments. Samples of Beef Based Dambu-nama (BBDN) were processed using (4) separate treatments and analyzed for their sensory and chemical characteristics. The chemical properties evaluated includes; chemical, amino-acid composition and the mineral contents. The treatments were 425 (cooked for 90 min and not fried), 509 (cooked for 60 min and fried for 10 min) and 511 (cooked for 60 min and not fried). The sensory result showed high acceptability of the product though sample 430 (cooked for 90 min and shallow fried for 10 min) was the most preferred. Result of the proximate composition showed that the crude protein was high (37.14-45.86%), low fat content (11.2-17.84%) and high ash content (4.87-5.18%), which indicate that BBDN (beef based Dambu-nama have a high nutrient content. The Thiobarbituric Acid (TBA) value of 0.40-0.45 mgmaloaldeyd e/g sample also indicates that there is no lipid oxidation while the high relative pH of 6.32-6.34 indicates that the animal was stressed before or during the slaughtering process. Similarly, the low moisture content (5.10-7.00%) guarantees longer shelf life because of the low water activity which inhibits microbial growth. The amino acid composition also showed that BBDN have excellent values for both essential and non-essential amino acid which are important components for healing and protein synthesis processes. The mineral concentration of BBDN also showed that the Ca/P, Na/K ratio was higher than (1) and thus an excellent food because sodium and potassium are required to maintain osmotic balance of body fluid, pH of the body and regulate muscle and nerve irritability.
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Eke, Mike Ojotu, Ariahu, Charles Chukwuma and Abu, Joseph Oneh, 2013. Sensory and Chemical Evaluation of Beef Based Dambu-nama (BBDN).  Advance Journal of Food Science and Technology, 5(10): 1271-1274.
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