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2013 (Vol. 5, Issue: 11)
Article Information:

The Influence of Micropore Oxygen Aeration on the Pond Water Quality Environment

Xiao-Jiang Chen, Yun-Gan Zhu and Zi-Ming Zhao
Corresponding Author:  Yun-gan Zhu 

Key words:  Diversity, impeller oxygenation, micropore oxygen aeration, phytoplankton, pond, ,
Vol. 5 , (11): 1478-1482
Submitted Accepted Published
July 6, 2013 July 23, 2013 November 05, 2013

In order to know the effects of micropore oxygen aeration on the water quality and economic output, take each 3 of micropore oxygen aeration (experimental pond) and impeller oxygenation (control pond) to make the comparison, indexs of two different aeration methods water were detected from May, 2012 to October, 2012. Such as water temperature, dissolved oxygen, ammonia nitrogen and nitrite, phytoplankton, chemical oxygen demand (CODMn). Results showed that, (1) the indexes of the dissolved oxygen, ammonia nitrogen, chemical oxygen demand(CODMn) and nitrite of the experimental pond are all superior to that of the control pond, of which the concentration of the dissolved oxygen of the experimental pond is 8.37 mg/L which is higher than that of the control pond (5.7 mg/L). And, (CODMn) in the experimental pond is 7.54 mg/L, lower than that in the control pond (10.19 mg/L). The difference between the control pond and the experimental pond was statistically significant (p<0.01). The ammonia nitrogen of the experimental pond is 0.1 mg/L, obviously lower than the control pond (0.16 mg/L). Besides, the nitrite is 0.13 mg/L in the experimental pond, lower than that of the control pond (0.21 mg/L). (2) Compared with the control pond, the experimental pond has quite higher general abundance of algae, with about 5.69108 ind/L. Yet, there is no obvious difference between them. (3) Compared to the impeller oxygenation, the micropore oxygen aeration technology can be better to increase the dissolved oxygen in the aquaculture pond and improve the water quality. However, there is no significant influence to the phytoplankton abundance and diversity.
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Xiao-Jiang Chen, Yun-Gan Zhu and Zi-Ming Zhao, 2013. The Influence of Micropore Oxygen Aeration on the Pond Water Quality Environment.  Advance Journal of Food Science and Technology, 5(11): 1478-1482.
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