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2014 (Vol. 6, Issue: 1)
Article Information:

Optimization Analysis on Parameters of Cleaning Sieve of Rape Combine of

Wu Mingliang, Tang Lun, Guan Chunyun and Tang Chuzhou
Corresponding Author:  Wu Mingliang 

Key words:  ADAMAS, cleaning sieve, optimization analysis, slider-crank mechanism, , ,
Vol. 6 , (1): 144-148
Submitted Accepted Published
September 28, 2013 October 14, 2013 January 10, 2014

Against the phenomenon of high impurity rate and cane and pod shell are difficult to discharge at the end of the sieve for rape combine of "Bi Lang 4LZ(Y)-1.0". This study take cleaning sieve of rape combine of "Bi Lang 4LZ(Y)-1.0" as study object, analyzed the movement of materials on sieve, established the virtual prototype model of the cleaning sieve of this rape combine, taken materials and cleaning sieve all at the best motion state as constraint conditions and optimized the structure and kinematics parameters of the cleaning sieve by utilizing ADAMS software. Optimization results shown that when angle θ between sieve surface and level is 9, vibration angle ε is 28, crank radius R is 12 mm, crank angular velocity ω is 32 rad/sec, the cleaning sieve has the best transmission performance and meet the requirements of the best state of motion (the cane and pod shell always maintain the upward trend and rapeseed could upward and downward). The conclusion could provide a theoretical basis for improving and optimization design for rape combine.
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Wu Mingliang, Tang Lun, Guan Chunyun and Tang Chuzhou, 2014. Optimization Analysis on Parameters of Cleaning Sieve of Rape Combine of .  Advance Journal of Food Science and Technology, 6(1): 144-148.
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