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2011 (Vol. 3, Issue: 2)
Article Information:

Sexual Dimorphism in Facial Dimensions of the Bini’s of South-Southern Nigeria

E.A. Osunwoke, F.S. Amah-Tariah, O. Obia, I.M. Ekere and O. Ede
Corresponding Author:  E.A. Osunwoke 

Key words:  Binis, facial dimensions, sexual dimorphism, , , ,
Vol. 3 , (2): 71-73
Submitted Accepted Published
2010 November, 15 2011 January, 16 2011 April, 20

A study on sexual dimorphism of facial dimensions was carried out to measure structures relating to the face and how it differs between the two sexes in adult Bini’s of south-southern Nigeria. A Total of one thousand (1000) subjects comprising 500 males and 500 females (18-45 years) were randomly selected from Benin City in Edo State. Measurements were taken using a digital vernier caliper. The mean Menton-Nasion distance in males was 113.62±9.44 mm and 109.05±6.58 mm in females. Zygoma-Zygoma 124.63±5.78 mm in males and 122.28±6.39 mm in females, Subnasal-Nasion 43.05±3.83 mm in males and 39.93±3.96mm in females, Ala-Ala 41.14±3.30 mm in males and 37.34±3.50 mm in females, Bigonial breath 114.39±9.64 mm in males and 110.68 ±6.88 mm in females, Lip width 26.67±4.11 mm in males and 25.59±3.03 mm in females, Menton-Subnasal 65.97±5.91 mm in males and 60.35±5.71 mm in females. Bini males had significantly higher values than Bini females in all the facial parameters measured (p<0.05). The most prominent significant difference was observed in Ala-Ala (nose breath) 90.8% and the least was observed in Zygoma-Zygoma (Face breath) 98.1%. This study has revealed that sexual dimorphism exist between the Bini adults of south-southern Nigeria.
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E.A. Osunwoke, F.S. Amah-Tariah, O. Obia, I.M. Ekere and O. Ede, 2011. Sexual Dimorphism in Facial Dimensions of the Bini’s of South-Southern Nigeria.  Asian Journal of Medical Sciences, 3(2): 71-73.
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