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2009 (Vol. 1, Issue: 3)
Article Information:

Hand Washing: A Cornerstone to Prevent the Transmission of Diarrhoeal Infection

D.H. Tambekar and S.D. Shirsat
Corresponding Author:  Dr. Tambekar Dilip H. 

Key words:  Hand washing, hygiene, infection, students, , ,
Vol. 1 , (3): Page No: 100-103
Submitted Accepted Published
2009 Sept., 24 2009 Oct., 16

The present study was on the effect of hand washing in reducing spread of diarrhoeal infection among students. A total of 400 hand swab samples of 100 students were analyzed before and after hand washing and hands of all students were found to harbor bacterial pathogens which include Staphylococcus sp. (23%), Escherichia coli (20%), Klebsiella sp. (10%), Micrococcus sp. (9%), Proteus sp. (7%), Citrobacter sp. (7%), Streptococcus sp. (7%), Enterobacter sp. (6%), Enterococcus sp. (4%), Pseudomonas sp. (3%) and Salmonella sp. (2%). While the percent reduction of these pathogens after hand washing were Salmonella sp. (100%), Staphylococcus sp. (88 %), Escherichia coli (59%), Enterococcus sp. (59%), Proteus sp. (55%), Streptococcus sp. (54%), Citrobacter sp. (45%), Micrococcus sp. (44%), Klebsiella sp. (39%), Enterobacter sp. (37%), and Pseudomonas sp. (31%). The data indicates that the hands of the male (42%) were less contaminated than female (58%). The present study showed clear evidence of 54% decrease in microbial flora after hand washing. Thus, it can be concluded that hand washing is a cornerstone to prevent the diarrhoeal infection.
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D.H. Tambekar and S.D. Shirsat, 2009. Hand Washing: A Cornerstone to Prevent the Transmission of Diarrhoeal Infection.  Asian Journal of Medical Sciences, 1(3): Page No: 100-103.
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