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2013 (Vol. 5, Issue: 5)
Article Information:

Pelvic Brim Index in South-South Nigerian Population

S.C. Okoseimiema and A.I. Udoaka
Corresponding Author:  S.C. Okoseimiema 

Key words:  Anthropologists, Nigerians, obstetricians, pelvic brim index, race, sex ,
Vol. 5 , (5): 92-95
Submitted Accepted Published
January 11, 2012 March 02, 2012 October 25, 2013

This study was carried out to determine the average radiological pelvic brim index of the people in South-South Nigeria and to determine if there is sexual dimorphism and racial differences when compared with other races. Anterior posterior radiographs of adult pelvis (age range, 18-75 years) were evaluated. Five hundred and eighteen (518) radiographs (259 males and 259 females) were those of the South-South people of Nigeria. The parameters considered are: anterior posterior diameter, transverse diameter and pelvic brim index. The mean values of anterior posterior diameter, transverse diameter and pelvic brim index of males in South-South Nigerian people were 115.3313.53 (mm), 128.3310.01 (mm) and 90.0810.07 respectively while those of their females were 125.7013.46 (mm), 141.4410.51 (mm) and 89.109.49 respectively. The mean anterior posterior diameter and transverse diameter of females was significantly higher than that of the males (p0.05). There was no significant difference between the pelvic brim index of males and females in South-South Nigerians (p0.05).When comparing our values with other works done by different authors, there were a racial difference. There was also, a strong positive correlation between pelvic brim index and anterior posterior diameter (p0.05). Knowledge gained from this work will be useful to the obstetricians, physical and forensic anthropologists, Archeologist and radiologist for sex and race classification of human pelvis.
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S.C. Okoseimiema and A.I. Udoaka, 2013. Pelvic Brim Index in South-South Nigerian Population.  Asian Journal of Medical Sciences, 5(5): 92-95.
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