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2010 (Vol. 2, Issue: 3)
Article Information:

Anthropometric Study of Some Craniofacial Parameters: Head Circumference, Nasal Height, Nasal Width and Nasal Index of Adult Ijaws of Nigeria

G.S. Oladipo, P.D. Okoh and J.S. Hart
Corresponding Author:  Oladipo Gabriel Sunday 

Key words:  Anthropology, head circumference, nasal height, nasal index, nasal width, ,
Vol. 2 , (3): Page No: 111-113
Submitted Accepted Published
2010 March, 22 2010 April, 07 2010 June, 25

The aim of this study is to document the mean head circumference; nasal height; nasal w idth and nasal index of adult Ijaws of Nigeria and to provide a comprehensive data for use by anthropologists and medical practitioners. Craniofacial anthropometry is vital in making a precise and systematic measurement of human skull. A total of one thousand (1000) adults comprising 500 males and 500 females with age ranging from 18-65 years old were used for this study. All the subjects were drawn from Ijaw ethnic group in Bayelsa State. The results showed that the Ijaw male and female had mean head circumference of 57.49 and 56.25 cm respectively, mean nasal height of 4.08 and 3.89 cm respectively, mean nasal width of 4.06 and 3.79 cm respectively and mean nasal indices of 99.83 and 97.79 respectively. The z-test analysis indicates a sexual dimorphism, with significantly higher values of all the parameters in males compared to the females (p< 0.05). This study is therefore recommended to forensic anthropologists, craniofacial surgeons and medical practitioners and also serves as the basis for future studies on other Nigerian ethnic group.
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G.S. Oladipo, P.D. Okoh and J.S. Hart, 2010. Anthropometric Study of Some Craniofacial Parameters: Head Circumference, Nasal Height, Nasal Width and Nasal Index of Adult Ijaws of Nigeria.  Asian Journal of Medical Sciences, 2(3): Page No: 111-113.
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