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2011 (Vol. 3, Issue: 3)
Article Information:

Assessment of Volume Renewal of Beech Species by the Method of 3p

M.M. E-Fallahchai, S. Armin Hashemi and Reza Rashidi
Corresponding Author:  Seyed Armin Hashemi 

Key words:  Assessment, beech, 3P, forest, volume renewal, stand,
Vol. 3 , (3): 180-185
Submitted Accepted Published
2010 December, 06 2011 February, 07 2011 May, 05

The purpose of this study is comparison of volume renewal, way a hundred percent with sampling way by 3p. In order to reduce the field work and to accelerate the outputs of forest products the one hundred percent volume renewal in north forests were replaced by the volume renewal that used 3p sampling method during 2001-2002, which its field operations are accomplished by industrial and fire wood trunks volume measurement and the obtained results are generalized to all trees of the same annual cutting license. In order to assess and to compare the, method of 3P with one Hundred percent volume renewal as many as 248 trees with a volume of 930.9 m3 of the marked trees of beech species of series 9 from Galandrood project were carried out for one hundred percent volume renewal, which its industrial trunks with diameter above 20 cm were equal to 749.28 m3. The obtained results from various sampling by method of 3P among these trees indicates tat its difference in relation to the one hundred percent volume renewal was variable from at least 0.02% up to maximum 7.32%, which in 11.11% of the cases the difference was less than 1% , and in 88.89% of the cases, the difference was less than 4%. In the method of one hundred percent volume renewal in relation to the method of 3P, in terms of the numbers of working days, there was about 30% savings, and in terms of the expenses of the execution there was about 154% savings. With observing the technical points and necessary care in measuring the trees while marking them and also observing the proper principles of cutting sample trees and other marked trees and care in measuring of sample trees, there will be much effect in increasing or reducing of volume in relation to the coefficient designated.
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M.M. E-Fallahchai, S. Armin Hashemi and Reza Rashidi, 2011. Assessment of Volume Renewal of Beech Species by the Method of 3p.  Current Research Journal of Biological Sciences, 3(3): 180-185.
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