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2011 (Vol. 3, Issue: 3)
Article Information:

The Art, the Craft and The Changing Fortunes of The Praise Singer Among The Akans of Ghana

P.B. Mireku-Gyimah, J. Aning and K. Opoku-Agyeman
Corresponding Author:  I.A. Adetunde 

Key words:  Changing fortunes, craft, noble art, praise-singer, praise-singing, ,
Vol. 3 , (3): 276-273
Submitted Accepted Published
2011 February, 15 2011 April, 14 2011 May, 25

In this study we aim at exploring the various phases of praise-singing with the view to estimating its status and usefulness in modern day technological society. Knowledge of the present status helps us anticipate what the future holds in store for the noble art. We study the fortunes of praise-singers from ancient to modern times and the factors responsible for the changes in their fortunes. We also analyse the various literary techniques employed by praise-singers to achieve their aim. Our conclusion is that so long as there are human beings who enjoy being praised, there will be praise-singers to blow the horn that will swell heads till wallets are opened. Praise-singers use mostly flattery and sometimes subtle sarcasm embellished with imagery, metaphors and hyperboles, through songs or poetry, to transmit their messages. Every praise-singer survives at the expense of the client who mistakenly considers the praise-singer as a low-class hired labourer.
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P.B. Mireku-Gyimah, J. Aning and K. Opoku-Agyeman, 2011. The Art, the Craft and The Changing Fortunes of The Praise Singer Among The Akans of Ghana.  Current Research Journal of Social Sciences, 3(3): 276-273.
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