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2013 (Vol. 2, Issue: 3)
Article Information:

The Influence of Oil-based Mud Exposure on the Uptake of Heavy Metals and Total Hydrocarbon in P. barbarus Soft Muscle Tissue

C. Nwakanma and A.I. Hart
Corresponding Author:  C. Nwakanma 

Key words:  Bio-accumulation,, mangrove, mudskippers, Niger delta, spectrophotometer, ,
Vol. 2 , (3): 43-45
Submitted Accepted Published
August 04, 2012 September 08, 2012 October 20, 2013

The influence of oil-based mud exposure on the uptake of heavy metals (Zn, Fe, Cd, Cr, Mn, Pb) and Total Hydrocarbon uptake in the soft muscle tissues of Periophthalmus barbarusfrom the mangrove shores of the Rumuche river in Emohua Local Government area, Port-Harcourt, Niger Delta, Nigeria was analyzed using Atomic absorption Spectrophotometer. The mean metal levels (g/g dry weight) ranged from Zn (10.52-62.33), Fe (89.33-301.00), Cd (0.18-0.75), Cr (1.33-4.99), Mn (7.00-53.00), Pb (2.96-10.27) and THC (24.53-79.30). Of all the metals, Fe accumulated more in the media. Statistical analysis showed no significant difference (p>0.05). The differential uptake (p>0.05) accumulation of the metals in the soft muscle tissue was Fe>Zn>Mn>THC>Pb>Cr>Cd. However, the highest concentration of OBM (10%) had the higher values of metal uptake in the soft muscle tissues of P. barbarus. The levels of metals in the tissue were higher than the control tank which means that uptake of metals via the soft muscle tissue of P. barbarus indicated that consumption of exposed fish or fauna can be very risky and bioaccumulation of toxicant can be dangerous to our health and the environment.
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C. Nwakanma and A.I. Hart, 2013. The Influence of Oil-based Mud Exposure on the Uptake of Heavy Metals and Total Hydrocarbon in P. barbarus Soft Muscle Tissue.  International Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, 2(3): 43-45.
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