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2012 (Vol. 4, Issue: 03)
Article Information:

Investigation of the Post Time Dependence of PAGAT Gel Dosimeter by Electron Beams using MRI Technique

B. Azadbakht and K. Adinehvand
Corresponding Author:  B. Azadbakht 

Key words:  Electron beams, MRI, post time, PAGAT gel, , ,
Vol. 4 , (03): 232-235
Submitted Accepted Published
2011 November, 09 2011 November, 29 2012 February, 01

In this study investigation of the post time dependence of PAGAT gel dosimeter by electron beams using MRI technique has been undertaken.Using MRI, the formulation to give the maximum change in the transverse relaxation rate R2(1/T2) was determined to be 4.5% N,N'-methylen-bis-acrylamide(bis), 4.5% acrylamid(AA), 5% gelatine, 5 mM tetrakis (hydroxymethyl) phosphonium chloride (THPC), 0.01 mM hydroquinone (HQ) and 86% HPLC (Water).When the preparation of final polymer gel solution is completed, it is transferred into phantoms and allowed to set by storage in a refrigerator at about 4C. The optimal postmanufacture irradiation and post imaging times were both determined to be 1 day. The R2-dose response was linear up to 30 Gy. the response of the PAGAT gel is very similar in the lower dose region and The R2-dose response for doses less than 3 Gy is not exact. The R2-dose response of the PAGAT polymer gel dosimeter is linear between 10 to 30 Gy with R2-dose sensitivities of 0.0525, 0.0471, 0.0497 and 0.0541 S1 Gy1 when imaged at 1, 8, 15 and 29 days post-irradiation respectively. This study has shown that the normoxic PAGAT polymer gel has a properties of a dosimetric tool, which can be used in clinical radiotherapy.
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B. Azadbakht and K. Adinehvand, 2012. Investigation of the Post Time Dependence of PAGAT Gel Dosimeter by Electron Beams using MRI Technique.  Research Journal of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology, 4(03): 232-235.
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