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2012 (Vol. 4, Issue: 06)
Article Information:

Sequence Analysis of the Protein Structure Homology Modeling of Growth Hormone Gene from Salmo trutta caspius

Abolhasan Rezaei and Sheyda Akhshabi
Corresponding Author:  Abolhasan Rezaei 

Key words:  Growth hormone protein, Salmo trutta caspius, , , , ,
Vol. 4 , (06): 664-669
Submitted Accepted Published
2011 November, 25 2011 Januray, 04 2012 March, 15

In view of the growth hormone protein investigated and characterized from Salmo trutta caspius. Growth hormone gene in the Salmo trutta caspius have six exons in the full length that is translated into a Molecular Weight (kDa): ssDNA: 64.98 and dsDNA: 129.6. There are also 210 amino acid residue. The assembled full length of DNA contains open reading frame of growth hormone gene that contains 15 sequences in the full length. The average GC content is 47% and AT content is 53%. This protein multiple alignment has shown that this peptide is 100% identical to the corresponding homologous protein in the growth hormone protein which including Salmo salar (Accession number: AAA49558.1) and Rainbow trout (Salmo trutta) (Accession number: AAA49555.1") sequences. The sequence of protein had deposited in Gene Bank, Accession number: AEK70940. Also we were analyzed second and third structure between sequences reported in Gene Bank Network system. The results are shown, there are homology between second structure in three sequences including: Salmo trutta caspius, Salmo salar and Rainbow trout. Regarding third structure, Salmo trutta caspius and Salmo salar are same type, but Rainbow trout has different homology with Salmo trutta caspius and Salmo salar. However, the sequences were observed three parallel " helix and in second structure there were almost same percent β sheet.
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Abolhasan Rezaei and Sheyda Akhshabi, 2012. Sequence Analysis of the Protein Structure Homology Modeling of Growth Hormone Gene from Salmo trutta caspius.  Research Journal of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology, 4(06): 664-669.
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