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2012 (Vol. 4, Issue: 07)
Article Information:

Inside and Outside Flank Alternate Meshing Silent Chain and Experimental Evaluation of Dynamic Performance

Wei Sun, Xiaolun Liu and Jianfang Liu
Corresponding Author:  Jianfang Liu 

Key words:  Meshing mechanism, polygon effect, silent chain, sprocket, transverse vibration, wear,
Vol. 4 , (07): 851-855
Submitted Accepted Published
2012 January, 08 2012 January, 29 2012 April, 01

A new silent chain with inside and outside flank alternating meshing mechanism and sprockets were designed, and the main technical parameters and structure type of the plate and sprocket profile were described. In order to verify the good meshing transmission performance of the new silent chain, we did the performance comparison test for inside and outside flank alternate meshing silent chain and the ANSI standard silent chain with regard to transverse displacement vibration and wear extension. The results show that the new silent chain transmits smoothly, with standard silent chain compared to significantly reduce vibration quantity of transverse displacement, and it has good wear resistance properties, which is much superior to the standard silent chain. The results also verify low impact characteristics of the new silent chain and the rationality of design method. Because of its special meshing mechanism and structure type of alternate load, the new silent chain reduces meshing impact, vibration and polygon effect when chain and sprocket meshes, and fundamentally improves silent chain transmission performance, then extends the life of the chain.
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Wei Sun, Xiaolun Liu and Jianfang Liu, 2012. Inside and Outside Flank Alternate Meshing Silent Chain and Experimental Evaluation of Dynamic Performance.  Research Journal of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology, 4(07): 851-855.
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