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2013 (Vol. 5, Issue: 04)
Article Information:

Case-Based Reasoning Method in Cost Estimation of Drilling Wells

Hossein Shams MianaeiP Pand Seyed Hossein Iranmanesh
Corresponding Author:  Hossein Shams Mianaei 

Key words:  Case Based Reasoning (CBR), cost estimation, , , , ,
Vol. 5 , (04): 1086-1112
Submitted Accepted Published
April 27, 2012 May 16, 2012 February 01, 2013

Aim of study is the cost estimation of drilling6T8T 6T8Twells6T8T 6T8Tusing6T Case-Based 6TReasoning6T8T (CBR) method which6T8T is created based6T8T 6T8Ton6T8T 6T8Tthe6T8T 6T8Tviewpoint of using presented6T8T 6T8Tsolutions6T8T 6T8Tfor6T8T 6T8Tprevious6T8T 6T8Tsolved6T8T 6T8Tproblems6T8T in order 6T8Tto solve6T8T new 6T8Tsimilar problems6T8T. 6T8TIn companies6T8T 6T8Tor6T8T 6T8Torganizations6T8T which 6T8Tcost estimation, scheduling,6T8T 6T8Tdesign6T8T, planning 6T8Tand project activities6T8T 6T8Tsequences6T8T and etc., are considered as an iterative 6T8Tactivity, project managers6T8T 6T8Tnaturally6T8T use 6T8Tprevious6T8T 6T8Texperiences in order to6T8T 6T8Testimate the instances mentioned above 6T8Tin 6T8Tnew6T8T 6T8Tsimilar case6T8T. 6T8TThus, offering a comprehensive6T8T 6T8Tapproach6T8T which6T8T can6T8T 6T8Tsupport6T8T 6T8Tthis6T8T 6T8Tnatural6T8T 6T8Tbehavior6T8T, 6T8Twill6T8T 6T8Tsignificantly6T8T 6T8Tcontribute6T8T 6T8Tto the6T appropriate decision making. 8TCBR 6T8Tmethod6T8T 6T8Tcould6T8T 6T8Tbe6T8T 6T8Tan appropriate6T8T 6T8Ttool for6T decision making6T in6T8T 6T8Tthis area6T8T.6T8T The major6T 6Tfindings6T 6Tof this6T 6Tstudy6T 6Tis that,6T in 6Tthe 6Tproposed CBR model despite6T limited6T data, 6Tthe6T 6Terror of method6T according to the 6Tperformance indicators6T 6Twas very low6T.T 6 Therefore, obtained estimation accuracy of the 6Tproposed6T CBR model is high and the model is useful. On the other hand, given that6T 6Tthe 6T8Tavailable estimation methods6T8T spend6T8T much 6T8Ttime6T8T 6T8Tto estimate cost, we could save6T8T 6T8Ttime6T8T 6T8Tusing the6T 6TCBR6T 6Tmethod and6T hence8T the 6T8Tspeed6T8T of 6T8Tdrilling which is very important is increased6T.
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Hossein Shams MianaeiP Pand Seyed Hossein Iranmanesh, 2013. Case-Based Reasoning Method in Cost Estimation of Drilling Wells.  Research Journal of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology, 5(04): 1086-1112.
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