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2013 (Vol. 5, Issue: 07)
Article Information:

A Real-time Video Monitoring System of Mobile Terminals Based on Android Platform: A Case Study of Electric Power Systems

Songchun Gong, Songyin Fu and Zheng Chen
Corresponding Author:  Songchun Gong 

Key words:  Mobile terminal android, MVAT, real-time, RVMS, , ,
Vol. 5 , (07): 2412-2419
Submitted Accepted Published
July 26, 2012 September 12, 2012 March 11, 2013

With the constant improvement of electrical equipment automation level, unattended electric power system node becomes increasingly popular. In addition, because of the ever-increasing industrial demand for electricity, electric power infrastructure becomes larger and larger, equipment and transmission link structure are more and more complex, all kinds of faults emerge one after another and administrative department has more and more urgent demand for electrical inspection personnel in terms of solving problems of various equipments and links. At present, relying on the development of network communication technology, real-time video monitoring system of electric power system is being promoted in a large scale. Real-time video acquisition system of electrical inspection personnel based on mobile terminal will also be applied gradually. A Real-time Video Monitoring System (RVMS) of mobile terminals based on Android platform is designed in this study. Through application test of practical environment, the system is able to meet the video data monitoring technique requirements of daily operation and maintenance of electric power system node. Mobile Video Acquisition Terminal (MVAT) is able to collect relevant real-time video data in the process of equipment and link faults inspection as well as to provide the video data to remote system maintenance expert, offering data decision to expert in remote real-time solution of equipment failure. All collected video data will be stored in remote system server for establishing a decision database of video information, so as to provide convincing data support for future performance analysis and fault detection of related equipment and link.
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Songchun Gong, Songyin Fu and Zheng Chen, 2013. A Real-time Video Monitoring System of Mobile Terminals Based on Android Platform: A Case Study of Electric Power Systems.  Research Journal of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology, 5(07): 2412-2419.
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