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2013 (Vol. 6, Issue: 21)
Article Information:

Techniques for Determining Small Fractions of Oil Components in the Sea Water Flow by Rotation of Vibration Plane

Eric Mucunguzi-Rugwebe, E.A. Hammer and Y. Kaahwa
Corresponding Author:  Eric Mucunguzi-Rugwebe 

Key words:  Vibration techniques, rotation, , , , ,
Vol. 6 , (21): 3916-3921
Submitted Accepted Published
November 08, 2012 January 01, 2013 November 20, 2013

In this study, the results of the effect of water-flow rate and air fraction component on intensity, I, are presented and discussed. The study which was carried out at Bergen University in Norway, presents the impact of monochromatic defects on polarization and measurements of small oil fractions of various crude oils are presented. When there was refraction, it was observed that in static sea-water &mustatic = 0.38 and in running water &muflow = 0.42 When refraction was eliminated by grafting windows in the pipe, &mustatic = 0, &muflow = 0.11 and in both cases &muflow was independent of the flow rate. Air fraction component, &alpha> = 0.12 reduced light intensity. With rate flow Q = 13.6m3/h and Q = 27.2 m3/h critical air fraction was found at &alphac = 0.18 and &alphac = 0.12 respectively. For &alphac = 0.18 up to &alpha 0.87 at Q = 13.6m3/h and &alphac = 0.12 up to &alpha = 0.78 at Q = 27.2 m3/h light intensity was found independent of &alpha. The highest rotation was found in Gullfaks crude oil, followed by Heidrun, the rotation is Statfjord crude oil was less than one in Heidrun and the least rotation was observed in 0A sg 0a rd crude oil. At 40ppm, the rotation was as follows: Gullfaks &empty = 27.00.20, Heidrun &empty = 23.90.20, Statfjord &empty = 20.00.20 and 0Asg 0ard &empty = 10.00.10. This method studys very well when small oil fractions from 5.0-70 ppm are in sea-water flow. This technique can be deployed to monitor the environment and to control the re-injected process water.
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Eric Mucunguzi-Rugwebe, E.A. Hammer and Y. Kaahwa, 2013. Techniques for Determining Small Fractions of Oil Components in the Sea Water Flow by Rotation of Vibration Plane.  Research Journal of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology, 6(21): 3916-3921.
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