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2013 (Vol. 6, Issue: 22)
Article Information:

Coal Adsorption Isotherms, Gas Content and Geological Controls of Bide-Santang Basin in China

Wu Caifang and Li Teng
Corresponding Author:  Wu Caifang 

Key words:  Adsorption isotherms, bide-Santang basin, coalbed methane, coal reservoir, geological controls, main coal seams,
Vol. 6 , (22): 4174-4180
Submitted Accepted Published
January 25, 2013 February 25, 2013 December 05, 2013

The adsorption isotherms of Bide-Santang Basinís main coal seams is studied based on analyzing two Coalbed Methane (CBM) wells in Huale exploration region and testing the coal samples and the major geological factors are also discussed. A conclusion has been made that the adsorption capacity of Bide-Santang Basinís main coal seams is high. The Langmuir volume (VL) of dry ash-free basis range from 17.69 m3/t to 21.38 m3/t and the average is 19.46 m3/t. The methane saturation of the coal reservoir is lower than 100%, commonly ranging from 75.04 to 105.55% and the average is 84.51%. It indicates that coal reservoir in the research area is undersaturation. The critical desorption pressures are between 1.22 MPa and 9.1 MPa and the average is 3.25 MPa. The coalbed methane theory recovery rates are between 19.96 and 46.15% with average of 34.51%. The main effect geology factors on the adsorption in this area are reservoir pressure, depth of burial, degree of coalification and characteristics of pores. The reservoir pressure and depth of burial are positively related with the gas content. The higher of the degree of metamorphism is, the stronger adsorbability of CBM is. The well-developed micropores and mesopores contribute to the adsorption capacity of CBM.
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Wu Caifang and Li Teng, 2013. Coal Adsorption Isotherms, Gas Content and Geological Controls of Bide-Santang Basin in China.  Research Journal of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology, 6(22): 4174-4180.
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