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2013 (Vol. 6, Issue: 22)
Article Information:

The Predisposition of Iraqi Rice Husk to Remove Heavy Metals from Aqueous Solutions and Capitalized from Waste Residue

Mohammed Nsaif and Firas Saeed
Corresponding Author:  Firas Saeed 

Key words:  Aqueous solution and wastewater, catalyst, heavy metal, residue, rice husk, type-Y zeolite,
Vol. 6 , (22): 4237-4246
Submitted Accepted Published
February 15, 2013 March 11, 2013 December 05, 2013

This study is deal with study the potential of Iraqi Rice Husk (IRH) on the removal of three heavy metals pollutant which were (Mg, Mn and Mo) ions from industrial wastewater using different design parameters by adsorption process. Results show that the removal efficiency were (93.95, 97.18 and 95.26) % for heavy metal (Mg, Mn and Mo) respectively from aquatic solution decreased with increasing of initial concentration and flow rate while the removal efficiency increased with increasing absorbance material bed height, pH and feeding temperature. Statistical model is achieved to find an expression relates the overall operating parameters with the removal efficiency for each metal ions used in this investigation in a general equation (each one alone). The samples of (IRH) remaining after using it in the removal of (Mg, Mn and Mo) heavy metal ions above from Simulated Synthetic Aqueous Solutions (SSAS) to investigate the capitalized of it in different methods. Different benefits possess which are: remove the three toxic heavy metals ions contaminated the water, get rid of agricultural waste (IRH), in the same time, produce light and more benefit hydrocarbons from n-heptane isomerization using a type Y-zeolite catalyst synthesis from remaining (IRH) and prepare a cheap and active rodenticide.
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Mohammed Nsaif and Firas Saeed, 2013. The Predisposition of Iraqi Rice Husk to Remove Heavy Metals from Aqueous Solutions and Capitalized from Waste Residue.  Research Journal of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology, 6(22): 4237-4246.
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