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2014 (Vol. 7, Issue: 2)
Article Information:

A Novel Music Player Controlling Design Based on Gesture Recognition

Yi Liu, Chenglei Dong, Min Zhang, Xinxin Chen and Yanjun Li
Corresponding Author:  Yanjun Li 

Key words:  Background subtraction, gesture recognition, music player, skin color detection, recognized reference information, ,
Vol. 7 , (2): 374-378
Submitted Accepted Published
April 20, 2013 May 03, 2013 January 10, 2014

This study has proposed a novel music player controlling method based on gesture recognition, which translating the gesture interacting signal into a controlling instruction for the music player. Firstly, utilizing the laptop’s webcam to capture the image information, and then employing the image processing method to tackle it. The skin color detection was used to obtain the information of gesture candidates, and a background subtraction was introduced to eliminate the distributing information. Moreover, in order to ensure the rapid and effective implementation of music player proposed here, the barycenter of a gesture was calculated as one Recognized Reference Information (RRI); a ratio between the gesture’s width and height was also selected as the other RRI; the comparison of these two RRI values was utilized to obtain a pattern signal of the gesture which was corresponding to the controlling instruction for the Music Player. Eventually, a Music Player was programmed and the pattern signal generated by gesture recognition was used to control the Music Player as willing to realize four basic functions: “play”, “pause”, “previous” and “next”. A series of tests using our gesture recognition based Music Player was conducted under the condition with different kinds of complex backgrounds, and the results showed the satisfactory performance of our interactive designing.
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Yi Liu, Chenglei Dong, Min Zhang, Xinxin Chen and Yanjun Li, 2014. A Novel Music Player Controlling Design Based on Gesture Recognition.  Research Journal of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology, 7(2): 374-378.
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