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2014 (Vol. 7, Issue: 9)
Article Information:

Simultaneous Organics and Nutrients Removal from Domestic Wastewater in a Combined Cylindrical Anoxic/Aerobic Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor

Husham T. Ibrahim, He Qiang and Wisaam S. Al-Rekabi
Corresponding Author:  Husham T. Ibrahim 

Key words:  Ammonium nitrogen, anoxic, assimilation, attached biomass, autotrophic microorganisms, biofilm, biological treatment, carrier, conventional activated sludge process, denitrification, gas/water ratio, heterotrophic, integrated fixed-film activated sludge, nitrate, nitrification, nitrite, nitrobactor, nitrogen, nitrosomanas, oxic, phosphorus, sequencing batch moving bed biofilm reactor, suspended biomass
Vol. 7 , (9): 1887-1895
Submitted Accepted Published
June 22, 2013 July 08, 2013 March 05, 2014

The aim of present study was to design and construct an continuous up-flow pilot scale Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) which is consists of combined cylindrical Anoxic/Aerobic MBBR in nested form with anoxic/aerobic volume ratio equal to 0.16 to treated 4 m3 /days of domestic wastewater in Chongqing city at Southwest China. The treatment must be satisfactory to meet with grade B of discharge standard of pollutants for municipal wastewater treatment plant in China (GB/T18918-2002). Kaldnes (K1) media was used as a carrier in both reactors at a media fill ratio equal to 50%. The reactors was operated under the Anoxic/Oxic (An/O) process which must meet stringent TN limits without sludge returning into the system and only an internal recycling was performed from aerobic to anoxic reactor. After developing the biofilm on the media, reactor was operated at 3 different Hydraulic Residence Time (HRT) ranging from 4.95 to 8.25 h. During operation the internal recycle ratio to eliminate nitrogen compounds were 100% of inflow rate and the average Dissolved Oxygen concentration (DO) in aerobic and anoxic MBBRs were 4.49 and 0.16 mg/L, respectively. The obtained results showed that the HRT of 6.2 h was suitable for simultaneous removal of COD, NH4+-N, TN and TP. In this HRT the average removal efficiencies were 93.15, 98.06, 71.67 and 90.88% for COD, NH4+-N, TN and TP, respectively.
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Husham T. Ibrahim, He Qiang and Wisaam S. Al-Rekabi, 2014. Simultaneous Organics and Nutrients Removal from Domestic Wastewater in a Combined Cylindrical Anoxic/Aerobic Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor.  Research Journal of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology, 7(9): 1887-1895.
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