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2010 (Vol. 2, Issue: 8)
Article Information:

Indoor Radon Gas Levels in Selected Homes in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana

E. Akortia, O.C. Oppon and Y. Serfor-Armah
Corresponding Author:  Eric Akortia 

Key words:  Dosimeter, LR-115, radon, risk, SSNTD, ventilation rate,
Vol. 2 , (8): 734-742
Submitted Accepted Published
2010 October, 06 2010 November, 09 2010 December, 10

The aim of the study is to monitor indoor radon gas levels in dwellings in the Sakumono Estates and its environs in the G reater Accra Region of Ghana in order to assess the risk of exposure to the inhabitants, using the passive Solid State Nuclear Track Detectors (SSNTDs). The sampling and deployment of the detectors covered the predominant mode of dwelling structures, which are the flats, semi-detached, detached and cluster houses. The mean Radon concentration obtained was 10.18 Bq/m3, with an annual effective dose equivalent to the population determined to be 0.22 mSv/yr, assuming an occupancy factor of 0.5 for the modern estate dwellings and 0.3 for the cluster (“compound type”) houses. The maximum recorded concentration was 18.60 Bq/m3 in a semi-detached building, followed by a concentration of 18.05 Bq/m3, recorded in a flat located on the ground floor. The annual effective dose equivalent to each type of housing unit has been calculated and given as 0.25 mSv/yr for flats, 0.25 mSv/yr for semi-detached houses, 0.23 mSv/yr for detached and 0.15 mSv/yr for the cluster houses. The Radon gas levels obtained may not pose any appreciable risk to the inhabitants on the basis that the levels were low. The excess life time risk of any member of the group suffering from Radon gas induced lung cancer is approximately 0.02%. The Radon gas levels were cross-checked with an active dosimeter (Radon Scout Plus) and an average concentration of 10 Bq/m3 was obtained. Mean values for flats, semi-detached, detached and cluster houses were 9.33, 10.86, 9.30 and 9.30 Bq/m3 with medians of 7.87, 9.86, 9.27 and 9.29 Bq/m3, respectively.
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E. Akortia, O.C. Oppon and Y. Serfor-Armah, 2010. Indoor Radon Gas Levels in Selected Homes in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana.  Research Journal of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology, 2(8): 734-742.
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