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2013 (Vol. 5, Issue: 03)
Article Information:

Application of Nanotechnology in Health and Environmental Research: A Review

Saher Hasnain, Syed Shahid Ali, Zaheer Uddin and Rabeea Zafar
Corresponding Author:  Syed Shahid Ali 

Key words:  Health and environment, health repercussions, nano-generation, nano-medicine, nanotechnology, waste treatment,
Vol. 5 , (03): 160-166
Submitted Accepted Published
March 07, 2013 March 28, 2013 March 20, 2013

Nano-technology is commonly considered as a new field, however, itís successful application in medicine, cosmetics, energy and the environment has been witnessed during last couple of decades. The use of nano-robots, drug production and drug delivery according to biological requirement within the body, are some of the main achievements of nano-medicine. In environmental science, nano-technology is being applied to smart and/or passive purification systems for air and water of which, zeolites, aerogels, chitosan and zerovalent iron are already in use. Another nano-product, Aerogel, has shown incredible promise in physical cleanup of oil spills and appears to have no deleterious effect on the marine ecosystems. Furthermore, nano-generation provides some solutions for cheap and easily attainable energy in the form of Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) made from nano-particles. Highly efficient photovoltaic cells of lead selenide and piezoelectric generators are ideas that have already been incorporated in energy producing fabrics and in compact and efficient solar cells. However, nanotechnology has been under intensive investigation, as nano-particles are made up of toxic heavy metals; their physio-kinetic and thermodynamic aspects are questionable; and their bio-persistence in the environment are of scientific concern. Moreover, some studies have also revealed them as a cause for cell necrosis, genetic changes and developmental effects, since nano-particles are capable of crossing cell membranes and the blood-brain barrier. With all its innovations and use in medicine and other sciences, there are repercussions to nanotechnology and nano-particles. This review compiles many of the current and some possible future environmental applications and the consequences that may result from them.
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Saher Hasnain, Syed Shahid Ali, Zaheer Uddin and Rabeea Zafar, 2013. Application of Nanotechnology in Health and Environmental Research: A Review.  Research Journal of Environmental and Earth Sciences, 5(03): 160-166.
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