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2013 (Vol. 5, Issue: 05)
Article Information:

Assessment and Evaluation of Treated Municipal Wastewater Quality for Irrigation Purposes

Omar Ali Al-Khashman, Mohammad Al-Hwaiti, Laila Al-Khatib and Feras Fraige
Corresponding Author:  Omar Ali Al-Khashman 

Key words:  Assessment, irrigation, chemical elements, hydrochemical coefficient, jordan, wastewater treatment ,
Vol. 5 , (05): 229-236
Submitted Accepted Published
November 12, 2012 January 11, 2013 May 20, 2013

The present study investigated the chemical composition of Petra Wastewater Treatment Plant effluent in southern Jordan. Twenty four Samples were collected over one year period from June 2008 to June 2009. The samples were analyzed for temperature, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, pH, major cations (Ca2+, Mg2+, K+ and Na+), major anions (Cl-, NO3-, HCO3-, SO42- and PO43-) and trace metals (B, Fe2+, Cu2+, Cd2+, Cr2+, Pb2+, Zn2+ and Mn2+). The pH value ranged from 6.52 to 8.14 with a median value of 7.510.50. The water quality was characterized by its high salinity hazard (C3) and low Sodium Hazard (S1) which can be considered as marginal for human consumption. The hydrogeochemical behavior is rather complicated and is affected by anthropogenic and natural sources. The positive correlation values between various parameters indicate that most of ions were resulted from the same lithological sources. The abundance of the major ions in water samples is in the following order: HCO3->Ca2+>Cl->Na+>Mg2+>SO42->NO3->NH4+>K+. Moreover, concentrations of trace metals in treated wastewater were found to be low and within guidelines for irrigational purposes due to low level of industrial activities in the study area. According to the residual sodium carbonate, SAR and conductivity values, the studied water is suitable for agricultural purposes. Based on these findings, the effluents of Petra Wastewater Treatment Plant can be considered as possible additional resources for irrigation in Jordan.
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Omar Ali Al-Khashman, Mohammad Al-Hwaiti, Laila Al-Khatib and Feras Fraige, 2013. Assessment and Evaluation of Treated Municipal Wastewater Quality for Irrigation Purposes.  Research Journal of Environmental and Earth Sciences, 5(05): 229-236.
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