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2010 (Vol. 2, Issue: 2)
Article Information:

Diversity, Dominance and Population Structure of Tree Species along Fragment-Size Gradient of a Subtropical Humid Forest of Northeast India

O.P. Tripathi, K. Upadhaya, R.S. Tripathi and H.N. Pandey
Corresponding Author:  O. P. Tripathi 

Key words:  Fragment-size gradient, Northeast India, population structure, regeneration status, subtropical humid forest, tree diversity,
Vol. 2 , (2): Page No: 97-105
Submitted Accepted Published
2009 October, 23 2009 November, 12 2010 April, 20

The present study was carried out in forest fragments of 1, 2, 5 and >5-ha of a subtropical humid forest in Meghalaya, northeast India to analyze the impact of fragment size on tree diversity and population structure and regeneration status of important trees. The intensity of disturbance steadily decreases with increase in size of the fragment. The study revealed that tree species richness increased from 49 species in 1-ha fragment to 64 species in >5-ha fragment. Tree species richness was positively related to fragment size, but was inversely related to the degree of disturbance. Impact of fragment size on density and basal cover did not differ much between the fragments. D iversity and dominance indices did not varied much along the fragment size gradient. Out of ten most dominant species, dominance of four species decreased along increasing size gradient while dominance of remaining species consistently decreased from 1-ha to >5-ha fragments. Overall tree population structure was pyramid shaped in all the fragments. About 16-25% species showed good regeneration in all the fragments. Percentage of species showing fair, poor and no regeneration progressively increases with increase in size of the fragments. Large percentages (44%) of new species were found regenerating in small fragments compared to large fragments where only 3 new species were regenerating. This revealed that fragments of smaller area might have given a favourable micro-environmental condition for seedling survival.
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O.P. Tripathi, K. Upadhaya, R.S. Tripathi and H.N. Pandey, 2010. Diversity, Dominance and Population Structure of Tree Species along Fragment-Size Gradient of a Subtropical Humid Forest of Northeast India.  Research Journal of Environmental and Earth Sciences, 2(2): Page No: 97-105.
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