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Detail:  You are a fabulous scientist and a researcher. you reply any mail so quickly that we also should work like you. Thanks for your support and thanks to your Maxwell Scientific Organization. YOUR ORGANIZATION WORKS very fast and keep its word.

Comment by:  Ujjwala Kulkarni
Position :  PhD Student
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MGM Medical College
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Submitted Date:  2010-04-28
Detail:  On behalf of my fellow let me take this opportunity to thank most sincerely for doing the corrections in our paper. We would like to commend the good work you are doing for publishing scientific work all over the world. We would like to continue publishing with you Journal. Once again Thank very much.

Comment by:  Stanley Kinge Waithaka
Position :  Author
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Kenyatta National Hospital
Country :  
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Submitted Date:  2010-07-01
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