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2011 (Vol. 3, Issue: 6)
Functional and Pasting Properties of Lesser Known Nigerian Yams as a Function of Blanching Time and Particle Size

P.A. Okorie, E.C. Okoli and E.C. Ndie
Corresponding Author:   E.C. Okoli
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Fatty Acid Composition of Raw and Roasted Kulthi Seeds

Harsha Mishra and Shahin Pathan
Corresponding Author:   Harsha Mishra
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Utilization of Decorticated Pigeon Pea (Cajanus cajan L.) With Wheat (Triticum aestivum) Flours in Bread Making

H.A. Hassan, A.I. Mustafa and A.R. Ahmed
Corresponding Author:   H.A. Hassan
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Softening and Mineral Content of Cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) Leaves During the Fermentation to Produce Ntoba mbodi

S. Mokemiabeka, J. Dhellot, S.C. Kobawila, P. Diakabana, R.N. Ntietie Loukombo, A.G. Nyanga-Koumou and D. Louembe
Corresponding Author:   S.C. Kobawila
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Biochemical Characteristics of Flours from Ivorian Taro (Colocasia Esculenta, Cv Yatan) Corm as Affected by Boiling Time

Anon Simplice Amon, René Yadé Soro, Pamphile Kouadio Bony Koffi, Edmond Ahipo Dué and Lucien Patrice Kouamé
Corresponding Author:   Lucien Patrice Kouamé
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Total Phenols, Antioxidant Activity and Microbiological Quality of Ozone Sanitized Blackberry (Rubus spp. L.)

Valcenir Júnior Mendes Furlan, Ana Paula Antunes Corrêa, Nádia Carbonera, Milton Luiz Pinho Espírito Santo, Rui Carlos Zambiazi and Marcia de Mello Luvielmo
Corresponding Author:   Valcenir Júnior Mendes Furlan
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Determination of Yeasts Antimicrobial Activity in Milk and Meat Products

L.B. Roostita, G.H. Fleet, S.P. Wendry, Z.M. Apon and L.U. Gemilang
Corresponding Author:   L.B. Roostita
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Occurrence of Pathogenic Bacteria in Traditional Millet-Based Fermented Gruels for Young Children in West Africa: Ben-Saalga and Ben-Kida in Ouagadougou (Burkina-Faso)

Akaki David, Loiseau Gérard, Vernière-Icar Christèle and Guyot Jean Pierre
Corresponding Author:   Akaki David
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Fish as Source of n-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids (PUFAs), Which One is Better-Farmed or Wild?

M.A. Hossain
Corresponding Author:   M.A. Hossain
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