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2013 (Vol. 5, Issue: 09)
Effect of Fermentation Variables on Nutritional and Organoleptic Scores of Kunu-Zaki Produced From Rice and Acha Blends

C. Egwim Evans, E. Okereke Omoaruemike and A. Vunchi Mohammed
Corresponding Author:   Okereke Omoaruemike Ebele
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Partial Study of Yam Tuber (Dioscorea spp.) Parts during the Growth Period

Kouadio Claver Degbeu, Yao Denis N’dri, Achille Fabrice Tetchi Charlemagne Nindjin, Georges N’guessan Amani and Adama Bakayoko
Corresponding Author:   Kouadio Claver Degbeu
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Strategies on Accelerating Agricultural Modernization-taking Tongnan County as an Example

Yongyong Zhu
Corresponding Author:   Yongyong Zhu
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Effect of Vitamin-B12 and Vitamin-H on the Growth and Astaxanthin Content of Haematococcus Pluvialis CH-1

Li-xin Li, Zhi-wei Song, You Zhan, Shun-shan Duan, Qian-shen Zhao and Yan Liu
Corresponding Author:   Shun-shan Duan
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Preservative Effect of Na2SO3 and Ascorbic Acid on the Inhibition of Clanis bilineata Meat Melanosis

Hongbing Wang and Jin Moon Kim
Corresponding Author:   Jin Moon Kim
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Analysis of Flavor Ingredients for Ruditapes Philippinarum by Headspace Solid-Phase Microextraction and Gas Chromatograph-Mass Spectrometer-Computer Method

Yun Ke
Corresponding Author:   Yun Ke
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Bioactive Compounds of Palm Fatty Acid Distillate (PFAD) from Several Palm Oil Refineries

Teti Estiasih, Kgs. Ahmadi, Tri Dewanti Widyaningsih, Jaya Mahar Maligan, Ahmad Zaki Mubarok, Elok Zubaidah, Jhauharotul Mukhlisiyyah and Risma Puspitasari
Corresponding Author:   Teti Estiasih
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The Microwave Sterilizer Design and Study to the Solidified Media of the Edible Fungi

Geng Yuefeng, Ge Xinfeng and Zhao Daxu
Corresponding Author:   Ge Xinfeng
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Evaluation on Phyllostachys Pubescens Forest Ecosystem Services Value in Suichang County

Luyun Hu, Guosheng Wen, Lita Yi, Yafeng Zhou, Ruming Zhang, Hongji Li and Jiali Yuan
Corresponding Author:   Guosheng Wen
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Ancient Jing De Zhen Dong He River Basin Kiln and Farmland Land-use Change Based on Cellular Automata and Cultural Algorithm Model

Liu Tao, Xiao Xuan and Ying Donglan
Corresponding Author:   Liu Tao
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New Role of Rosea1 in Regulating Anthocyanin Biosynthetic Pathway in Hairy Root of Snapdragon (Antirrhinum majus L.)

An Zhang and 2Min-Long Cui
Corresponding Author:   An Zhang
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Effect of Water Amounts Applied With Drip Irrigation on Water Consumption Characteristics and Yield of Spring Wheat in Xinjiang

Jichuan Wang, Cuilian Xu, Shan Gao and Pu Wang
Corresponding Author:   Pu Wang
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Culture Conditions Affect the Category and Production of Ubiquinones in a Recombinant Escherichia Coli with an Exogenous Decaprenyl Diphosphate Synthase

Jiazhou Li, Yuanyuan Zhang, Mingquan Xie and Xiaochun Luo
Corresponding Author:   Xiaochun Luo
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A Morphological and Histological Characterization of Male Flower in Chestnut (Castanea) Cultivar ‘Yanshanzaofeng’

Feng Zou, Su-Juan Guo, Huan Xiong, Peng Xie, Wen-Jun Lv and Guang-Hui Li
Corresponding Author:   Su-Juan Guo
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Production of Angiotensin I Converting Enzyme Inhibitory Peptides from Peanut Meal Fermented with Lactic Acid Bacteria and Facilitated with Protease

Yuan Zeng, Naifu Wang and Wei Qian
Corresponding Author:   Naifu Wang
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Physicochemical and Sensory Properties of Boiled Prosopis africana Seed Endosperm Macerated in Various Ethanol-water Mixtures

James E. Obiegbuna, Peter I. Akubor, Charles N. Ishiwu and Joel Ndife
Corresponding Author:   James E. Obiegbuna
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The Effect of Glycosylation on the Functional Properties of Rice Protein

Ying Liang, Qinlu Lin, Qian Lu, Wei Wu and Yu Gao
Corresponding Author:   Qinlu Lin
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Mathematical Modeling of Hot Air Drying Kinetics of Momordica Charantia Slices and Its Color Change

Jie Chen, Ying Zhou, Sheng Fang, Yuecheng Meng, Xin Kang, Xuejiao Xu and Xiaobo Zuo
Corresponding Author:   Yuecheng Meng
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Composition and Nitrogen Distribution of Ouled-Djellal and Rumbi Algerian Ewe’s Milk

B. Yabrir, A. Hakem (ex Akam), A. Laoun, M. Labiad, H. Attia and A. Mati
Corresponding Author:   B. Yabrir
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Empirical Study on the Influence between Logistics Information Capabilities and Supply Chain Performance

He Xiaolan
Corresponding Author:   He Xiaolan
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Influence of pH on Survival, Growth and Activities of Digestive Enzymes of Odontobutis obscures

Jian-Sheng Ye, Xiao-Jiang Chen and Yong-yong Zhu
Corresponding Author:   Xiao-Jiang Chen
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Antioxidant Activity of Phenolic Compounds in Bulk Camellia Oil and Corresponding Oil in Water (O/W) Emulsions

Yong Zhu, Qi-zhi Long, Bo Zhou, Paul D. Prenzler and Hai-yan Zhong
Corresponding Author:   Hai-yan Zhong
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Uptake and Bioaccumulation of Heavy Metals in Rice Plants as Affect by Water Saving Irrigation

Linxian Liao, Junzeng Xu, Shizhang Peng, Zhenfang Qiao and Xiaoli Gao
Corresponding Author:   Junzeng Xu
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Study on Buttresses Distance of Gas Pipelines in the Deviated Well Based on Stress Analysis Method

Kun Huang, Hongfang Lu, Kunrong Shen, Haowen Shu and Yijia Wang
Corresponding Author:   Kun Huang
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Catfish Preservation using Porphyra Yezoensis Composites Preservatives

Zhi-Gang Qian, Long-Fa Jiang and Li-Qiang Rui
Corresponding Author:   Zhi-Gang Qian
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