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2010 (Vol. 2, Issue: 5)
Influence of Ultrafiltration on Antioxidant Activity of Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) Protein Hydrolysate

M.B.K. Foh, J. Qixing, I. Amadou and W.S. Xia
Corresponding Author:   Mohamed Beva Kelfala Foh
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Assessment of Microbiological Qualities of Yam Chips Marketed in Togo

B. Djeri, Y. Ameyapoh, D.S. Karou, K. Anani, K. Soncy, Y. Adjrah and C. Souza
Corresponding Author:   Karou D Simplice
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Comparison of Expansion During Fermentation on Medium-Chain Triacylglycerols Oil-Based and Butter Fat-Based Doughs

Toshiyuki Toyosaki, Yasuhide Sakane and Michio Kasai
Corresponding Author:   Toshiyuki Toyosaki
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Temperature Adaptation Study on Probiotic Bacillus subtilis SK09 Based on its Extracellular Proteins

G. Sreekumar and K. Soundarajan
Corresponding Author:   G. Sreekumar
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Optimization and Thermodynamics Studies on Enzymatic Milk Fat Splitting Process using Soybean Lecithin

J.H. Panwal, T. Viruthagiri and G. Baskar
Corresponding Author:   G. Baskar
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Functional and Physical Properties of Bovine Plasma Proteins as a Function of Processing and pH, Application in a Food Formulation

L.T. Rodriguez Furlán, A. Pérez Padilla and M.E. Campderrós
Corresponding Author:   Mercedes Campderros
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Optimization of Processing Parameters for Clarification of Blended Carrot-orange Juice and Improvement of its Carotene Content

E. Karangwa, H. Khizar, L. Rao, D.S. Nshimiyimana, M.B.K. Foh, L. Li, S.Q. Xia and X.M. Zhang
Corresponding Author:   Karangwa Eric
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Seasonality of Food Supply, Coping Strategies and Child Nutritional Outcome in Sabatia-Kenya

M.A. Ayieko and K.F. Midikila
Corresponding Author:   Monica A. Ayieko
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Comparison of Chemical and Microbiological Parameters of Charcoal Versus Gas and Solar Energy Treated Milk

M.O.M. Abdalla and M.S. Daffalla
Corresponding Author:   Mohamed Osman Mohamed Abdalla
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Bacteriocin Production by a New Isolate of Lactobacillus rhamnosus GP1 under Different Culture Conditions

A.R. Sarika, A.P. Lipton and M.S. Aishwarya
Corresponding Author:   SARIKA A R
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Thin Layer Chromatography Methods for Rapid Identity Testing of Morinda citrifolia L. (Noni) Fruit and Leaf

Brett J. West and Shixin Deng
Corresponding Author:   Brett West
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