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2013 (Vol. 5, Issue: 6)
Radiologic Study of Indices in the Greater Sciatic Notch in South Nigerian Population

S.C. Okoseimiema and A.I. Udoaka
Corresponding Author:   S.C. Okoseimiema
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The Study of Dermatoglyphic Patterns and Distribution of the Minutiae in Inherited Essential Hypertension Disease

Mariam Tafazoli, Setareh Rezvan Dezfooli, Nasser Mahdavi Shahri and Hassan Mahdavi Shahri
Corresponding Author:   Setareh Rezvan Dezfooli
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Aging: The Evolution of Body Weight and Its Relation to the Complexity of Organism

J. Barragán and S. Sánchez
Corresponding Author:   J. Barragán
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Extractives, Holocellulose, &alphaCellulose, Lignin and Ash Contents in Cultivated Tropical Bamboo Gigantochloa brang, G. levis, G. scortechinii and G. wrayi

Razak Wahab, Mohd Tamizi Mustafa, Mahmud Sudin, Aminuddin Mohamed, Shafiqur Rahman, Hashim W. Samsi and Izyan Khalid
Corresponding Author:   Razak Waha
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Production of Poly &beta-Hydroxybutyric Acid (PHB) by Rhizobium elti and Pseudomonas stutzeri

Elsayed B. Belal
Corresponding Author:   Elsayed B. Belal
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Microbial Involvement in Growth of Paddy

Febri Doni, Najeeb Kaid Nasser Al-Shorgani, El Mubarak Musa Tibin, Nawal Noureldaim Abuelhassan, Anizan Isahak, Che Radziah Che Mohd. Zain and Wan Mohtar Wan Yusoff
Corresponding Author:   Febri Doni
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Study the Relationship between Hemodialysis (HD) Patients and Their ABO Blood Grouping as Well as Screening of Hemodialysis Access-related Bacterial Infections

Wasan A. Hassoon, Alice K. Melconian and Jenan M. AL-Safar
Corresponding Author:   Wasan A. Hassoon
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Genomic Island Location in Acinetobacter baumannii Strains by tRIP-PCR Technique

Suhadsaad, Alice K. Melconian, Ali H. Ad'hiah and Kumar Rajakumar
Corresponding Author:   Suhadsaad
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Screening of Exist Genetically Modified Elements in Local and Commercial Rice Available in Baghdad Markets Using PCR and Real-time PCR

Hayba Q. Younan
Corresponding Author:   Hayba Q. Younan
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