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2009 (Vol. 1, Issue: 2)
Generating Thematic Displays for A Simplified Pavement Information and Management System for A Developing Country Using Matlab Application

A.S. Adedimila, A.O. Olutaiwo and Orolu Kehinde
Corresponding Author:   Adewale Olutaiwo
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Some Common Performance Measures in Scheduling Problems: Review Article

E.O. Oyetunji
Corresponding Author:   Oyetunji Elkanah
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Some Physical Properties of Groundnut Grains

R.M. Davies
Corresponding Author:   Davies Rotimi Moses
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Spatio-temporal Distribuution, Abundance and Species Composition of Zooplankton of Woji-okpoka Creek, Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Davies, Onome Augustina
Corresponding Author:   Davies Onome
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Critical Success Factors in the Real-Time Monitoring of Construction Projects

K. Divakar and K. Subramanian
Corresponding Author:   Divakar, K
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Implementation of FC-TCR Using Low Cost 89c 2051 Controller

T. Vijayakumar, A. Nirmalkumar and N.S. Sakthivelmurugan
Corresponding Author:   Vijayakumar
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Design and Development of An Industrial Fruit and Vegetable Dryer

J.C. Ehiem, S.V. Irtwange and S.E. Obetta
Corresponding Author:   Simon V. Irtwange
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Measurement of Natural Radioactivity In Beach Sediments From North East Coast of Tamilnadu, India

V. Ramasamy, S. Senthil, V. Meenakshisundaram and V. Gajendran
Corresponding Author:   V.Ramasamy
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Improving the Performance of Two-stroke Motorcycle with Tuned Adjustable Exhaust Pipe

O. Obodeh, and A.D. Ogbor
Corresponding Author:   Obodeh, O.
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λ-shaped Mesogenic Homologous Series with Polar Substituents: Synthesis, Characterization and Unusual Dielectric Behaviour

R. Manohar, A.K. Srivastava, P.B. Chand, A.K. Misra, A.K. Prajapati and M.C. Varia
Corresponding Author:   Rajiv Manohar
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Comparative Binding Effects of Wheat, Rice and Maize Starches in Chloroquine Phosphate Tablet Formulations

A.R. Oyi, T.S. Allagh and O.J. Olayemi
Corresponding Author:   olubunmi olayemi
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