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2013 (Vol. 6, Issue: 19)
Investigating the Condition of components of Knowledge Management in Hexa Consulting Engineers Company (Iran/Tehran)

Maryam Soleimani, Mohammad Javad Bafrani, Mozhgan Hamidi Beinabaj and Mohammad Ali Hasanabadi
Corresponding Author:   Maryam Soleimani
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The Design and Simulation of Embedded FIR Filter based on FPGA and DSP Builder

Zhao Zeng-Rong
Corresponding Author:   Zhao Zeng-Rong
View Abstract View PDF View HTML
Buckling and Free Vibrations of Cylindrical Stiffened Composite Shells with Internal Liquid

J.E. Jam and M.A. Nikjoo
Corresponding Author:   J.E. Jam
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Corn Seed Varieties Classification Based on Mixed Morphological and Color Features Using Artificial Neural Networks

Alireza Pazoki, Fardad Farokhi and Zohreh Pazoki
Corresponding Author:   Alireza Pazoki
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Communication Risks and Best Practices in Global Software Development during Requirements Change Management: A Systematic Literature Review Protocol

Arif Ali Khan, Shuib Basri and Fazal E. Amin
Corresponding Author:   Arif Ali Khan
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Insights into Engineering Education Learning Outcome’s Assessment with Rasch Model

Azrilah Abdul Aziz, Mohd Saidfudin Masodi, Faridah Mohamed brahim, Mohd Zaidi Omar and Azami Zaharim
Corresponding Author:   Azrilah Abdul Aziz
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Exact Solutions to Some Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations in Mathematical Physics Via the (G´/G) -Expansion Method

M. Ali Akbar and 1Norhashidah Hj. Mohd. Ali
Corresponding Author:   M. Ali Akbar
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Determination of the Elemental Composition of the Pulp, Seed and Fruit Coat of Black Velvet Tamarind (Dialium guineense) using Instrumental Neutron Activation Analysis

D.O. Ofosu, N.S. Opata, O. Gyampo and G.T. Odamtten
Corresponding Author:   D.O. Ofosu
View Abstract View PDF View HTML
Multiple Time-Varying Delays Analysis and Coordinated Control for Power System Wide Area Measurement

Hailati Gulizhati and Jie Wang
Corresponding Author:   Jie Wang
View Abstract View PDF View HTML
Study of Water Diffusion through Raffia Vinifera fibres of the Stem from Bandjoun-Cameroon: Case of Drying Kinetics

N.R. Sikame Tagne, E. Njeugna, M. Fogue, J.Y. Drean and D. Fokwa
Corresponding Author:   N.R. Sikame Tagne
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Robust Output Feedback Control for Active Seat Suspension Systems with Actuator Time Delay Using µ-Synthesis Approach

Mohammad Gudarzi, Atta Oveisi and Mohammad Mahdi Mohammadi
Corresponding Author:   Mohammad Gudarzi
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Object Tracking and Detection in Videos using Block Matching with Intuitionistic Fuzzy Logic (BMIFL) Algorithm

R. Revathi and M. Hemalatha
Corresponding Author:   M. Hemalatha
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Study on Social Benefits Evaluation System of Electrical Power Inspection Based on FAHP

Li Furong, Cao Mengmeng and Zhang Caiqing
Corresponding Author:   Li Furong
View Abstract View PDF View HTML
Mathematical Model and Tool Path Calculation for Helical Groove Whirling

Quan-Quan Han and Ri-Liang Liu
Corresponding Author:   Ri-liang Liu
View Abstract View PDF View HTML
The Analysis of Social Ecology and Physical Development Process of Cities (Towns) Case Study: Alvand City

Heshmati Ahmad, Marsousi Nafiseh, Farhoodi, Rahmat-o-allat and Ali Akbari, Esmail
Corresponding Author:   Heshmati Ahmad
View Abstract View PDF View HTML
Comparative Study of Copyright Trade between China and UK

Liu Ting and 2Wang Haiyan
Corresponding Author:   Liu Ting
View Abstract View PDF View HTML
Covariance Intersection Kalman Fuser for Two-Sensor System with Time-Delayed Measurements

Peng Zhang and Zi-Li Deng
Corresponding Author:   Peng Zhang
View Abstract View PDF View HTML
Vision-Integrated Physiotherapy Service Robot Using Cooperating Two Arms

Huanbing Gao, Shouyin Lu, Tao Wang and Cungen Liu
Corresponding Author:   Huanbing Gao
View Abstract View PDF View HTML
Proposing a Framework for Exploration of Crime Data Using Web Structure and Content Mining

Amin Shahraki Moghaddam, Javad Hosseinkhani, Suriayati Chuprat, Hamed Taherdoost and Hadi Barani Baravati
Corresponding Author:   Amin Shahraki Moghaddam
View Abstract View PDF View HTML
Do Human Resource Management Practices Inspire Employees’ Retention?

Tajammal Hussain and Sheikh Sana ur Rehman
Corresponding Author:   Tajammal Hussain
View Abstract View PDF View HTML
A Novel Enhanced Oil Recovery Technology Using Pore-scale Elastic Microspheres after Polymer Flooding

Chuanjin Yao, Guanglun Lei and Mingming Cheng
Corresponding Author:   Chuanjin Yao
View Abstract View PDF View HTML
Measuring Sustainability Levels of Rural Development (Case Study: Karaj County)

F. Paseban and B.H. Kaboudvand
Corresponding Author:   B.H. Kaboudvand
View Abstract View PDF View HTML
Finite Element and Experimental Analysis and Evaluation of Static and Dynamic Responses of Oblique Pre-stressed Concrete Box Girder Bridge

Ali Fadhil Naser and Wang Zonglin
Corresponding Author:   Ali Fadhil Naser
View Abstract View PDF View HTML
The Use of Vision in a Sustainable Aquaculture Feeding System

Jer-Vui Lee, Joo-Ling Loo, Yea-Dat Chuah, Pek-Yee Tang, Yong-Chai Tan and Wei- Jian Goh
Corresponding Author:   Jer-Vui Lee
View Abstract View PDF View HTML
Rotor Fault Diagnosis and Simulation Based on LabVIEW

Hong-Xin Zhang, Hao Zhou, Xin-Ping Guo and Yu Yan
Corresponding Author:   Hong-Xin Zhang
View Abstract View PDF View HTML
An Algorithm for Amplified Image Enhancement based on Image Interpolation

Yawei Li
Corresponding Author:   Yawei Li
View Abstract View PDF View HTML
The Optimization Test Study for the Vacuum System of Piping Main-Scheme in the 600MW Unit

Li Qiong, Chang Shuping, Guo Jianglong, Wang Xingguo and Fu Jiancheng
Corresponding Author:   Li Qiong
View Abstract View PDF View HTML
Design Concepts in Set Parts Supply Implementation

Suhartini Mohd Jainury, Rizauddin Ramli, Mohd Nizam Ab Rahman and Azhari Omar
Corresponding Author:   Suhartini Mohd Jainury
View Abstract View PDF View HTML
Exploring the Key Factors of Knowledge Sharing via Employee Weblogs

Saeed Rahimi Moghadam, Harihodin Selamat and Shahin Moosavi
Corresponding Author:   Saeed Rahimi Moghadam
View Abstract View PDF View HTML
Providing a Framework for the Evaluation of Process and Content of Development Programs; Evaluating the Fourth and Fifth Law Development Program of Iran

Saeid Hosein Rafiei and Seyed Ali Reza Tabatabaei
Corresponding Author:   Saeid Hosein Rafiei
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