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Advance Journal of Food Science and Technology
Print ISSN:  2042-4868
Online ISSN:  2042-4876
Frequency:  12
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    Current Issue
2014  (Vol. 6, Issue: 9)
Effects of Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) on the Reproductive Axis Pituitary, Thyroid, Testes) of Ram in Non-reproductive Season

Behnaz Mahdavi, Hamidreza Khodaei, Mehdi Aminafshar, Mohammad Chamani and Mehrdad Modaresi
Corresponding Author:   Hamidreza Khodaei
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Study on Hydrolysis Conditions of Flavourzyme in Soybean Polypeptide Alcalase Hydrolysate and Soybean Polypeptide Refining Process

Yongsheng Ma, Lintong Wang, Xianhui Sun, Jianqiang Zhang, Junfeng Wang and Yue Li
Corresponding Author:   Yongsheng Ma
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Easy Measurement of Different Forces of Water Retention by Hydrocolloids through Water Loss at Same Viscosity

M. Schleißinger and J.J. Schmitt
Corresponding Author:   M. Schleißinger
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Screening of Emulsification Conditions on Microcapsulation of B. bifidum BB01 and BB28 by Plackett-burman Design

He Chen, Yajuan Song, Hongchang Wan, Ye Wang and Guowei Shu
Corresponding Author:   Guowei Shu
Abstract PDF HTML

The Effects of Theine Content of Pu’er Tea in Hige Pulsed Electric Field

Zhao Yan, Wang BaiJuan, Cui BoJun, Jiang MingZhong and Liu Yijia
Corresponding Author:   Wang BaiJuan
Abstract PDF HTML

The Pre-warning Analysis of Packaging Design Safety of Jelly Food

Fang Wang and Huaxi Chen
Corresponding Author:   Fang Wang
Abstract PDF HTML

Quality Evaluation of Coffee-like Beverage from Baobab (Adansonia diditata) Seed

Olaitan, Ngozi Innocentia, Eke, Mike Ojotu and Aitiya, Emmanuel
Corresponding Author:   Olaitan
Abstract PDF HTML

Food Additives Course Teaching Reform and Construction

Shengjun Wu
Corresponding Author:   Shengjun Wu
Abstract PDF HTML

Comparative Analysis of Dietary Fibre Extract Isolated from Citrus Juice By-products using Water Extraction, Fermentation and Enzymatic Treatment Methods

Tian Yi, Kexing Wang, Zimeng Zhuang, Siyi Pan and Xingjian Huang
Corresponding Author:   Xingjian Huang
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Antioxidative Activity of Exopolysaccharide Extract from Fermented Wheat Distillers’dried Grains Using UV-Irradiation Degradation Pretreatment by Preussia aemulans

Shili Meng, Linbo Wang, Yuepeng Wang, Yiting Li, Xiaoyan Zu, Yingnan Yang and Zhenya Zhang
Corresponding Author:   Zhenya Zhang
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Predictive Model for Growth of Listeria monocytogenes on the Surface of Fresh Beef

Chen Xiangbo, Ye Sudan, 1Xiong Xiong, Ye Mengfei and Chen Chun
Corresponding Author:   Chen Chun
Abstract PDF HTML

Production of Bioactive Peptides from Soybean Meal by Solid State Fermentation with Lactic Acid Bacteria and Protease

Naifu Wang, Guowei Le, Yonghui Shi and Yuan Zeng
Corresponding Author:   Naifu Wang
Abstract PDF HTML

Effects of Water Retaining Agent on Photosynthetic Characteristics of Dryland Wheat

Dandan Liu, Liyuan Yan, Jingtian Yang and Yan Shi
Corresponding Author:   Yan Shi
Abstract PDF HTML

Design of Nut Picked Platform in Hill Country

Jian Zhou, Lijun Li, Yuan Liu and Dengpeng Yang
Corresponding Author:   Yuan Liu
Abstract PDF HTML

Quantitative Analysis of Financial Support and Social Credit System Impact on Food Processing Enterprise

Li Zhou and Qing-Yi Chen
Corresponding Author:   Qing-Yi Chen
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ISSN (Online):  2042-4876
ISSN (Print):   2042-4868
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