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Research Journal of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology
Print ISSN:  2040-7459
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    Current Issue
2014  (Vol. 8, Issue: 13)
Data Classification Based on Confidentiality in Virtual Cloud Environment

Munwar Ali Zardari, Low Tang Jung and Mohamed Nordin B. Zakaria
Corresponding Author:   Munwar Ali Zardari
Abstract PDF HTML

Exploratory Study of Palm Oil Fuel Ash as Partial Cement Replacement in Oil Palm Shell Lightweight Aggregate Concrete

K. Muthusamy and Z. Nur Azzimah
Corresponding Author:   K. Muthusamy
Abstract PDF HTML

QoS Evolution in 3GPP Mobile Networks

Firas Ousta, Mohd Zuki Yusoff, Nidal Kamel and Sadek Ali
Corresponding Author:   Firas Ousta
Abstract PDF HTML

An Insight into the Time Domain Phenomenon during the Transition Zone from Induction Motor to Synchronous Motor Mode for a Current Source Inverter Fed Synchronous Motor Drive System

A.B. Chattopadhyay and Sunil Thomas
Corresponding Author:   Sunil Thomas
Abstract PDF HTML

Apriori Association Rule Algorithms using VMware Environment

R. Sumithra, Sujni Paul and D. Ponmary Pushpa Latha
Corresponding Author:   R. Sumithra
Abstract PDF HTML

Passive Vibration Isolation by Compliant Mechanism Using Topology Optimization with Building Blocks

V. Vijayan and T. Karthikeyan
Corresponding Author:   V. Vijayan
Abstract PDF HTML

Shape Preserving Interpolation using Rational Cubic Spline

Samsul Ariffin Abdul Karim and Kong Voon Pang
Abstract PDF HTML

Optimizing Expressibility and Performance of Kleene Operators on Binary Tree-based Directed Graph in Complex Event Processing

Babak Behravesh, Siti Mariyam Shamsuddin, Alex Hiang Tze Sim and Hassan Chizari
Corresponding Author:   Tamplate 14033
Abstract PDF HTML

Economic Emission Short-term Hydrothermal Scheduling using a Dynamically Controlled Particle Swarm Optimization

Vinay K. Jadoun, Nikhil Gupta, K.R. Niazi and Anil Swarnkar
Corresponding Author:   Vinay K. Jadoun
Abstract PDF HTML

Optimization and Application of Bit Selection Technology for Improving the Penetration Rate

Bing Hou, Mian Chen and Jianbo Yuan
Corresponding Author:   Mian Chen
Abstract PDF HTML

Fuzzy Sliding Mode Control Design and Particle Swarm Optimization Based PSS for Multimachine Power System

Khaddouj Ben Meziane, Faiza Dib and Boumhidi Ismail
Corresponding Author:   Khaddouj Ben Meziane
Abstract PDF HTML

Reduction Waste by Combining Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma in an Electronics Industry

M.C. Prieto-avalos, C.R. Navarro-gonzález, A. González-angeles and S.V. Medina-león
Corresponding Author:   A. González-Angeles
Abstract PDF HTML

Difficulties in Learning the Concept of Internal Energy

Melaku Masresha Woldamanuel, Harrison Atagana and Temechegn Engida
Corresponding Author:   Melaku Masresha Woldamanuel
Abstract PDF HTML

Segmentation and Classification of Optic Disc in Retinal Images

S. Vasanthi and R.S.D. Wahida Banu
Corresponding Author:   S. Vasanthi
Abstract PDF HTML

A Study of Authorship Attribution in English and Tamil Emails

A. Pandian and Mohamed Abdul Karim
Corresponding Author:   A. Pandian
Abstract PDF HTML

Rotation Scale Invariant Texture Classification for a Computational Engine

C. Vivek and S. Audithan
Corresponding Author:   C. Vivek
Abstract PDF HTML

Segmented Hybrid Gasostatic Bearing Optimization

Prodan Nikolay Vasilevich and Bulat Mikhail Pavlovich
Corresponding Author:   Bulat Mikhail Pavlovich
Abstract PDF HTML

A New Statistical Algorithm Based on the Conventional Lee’s Path Loss Model for the 900 and 1800 MHz

Liyth Nissirat, Mahamod Ismail, Mahdi A. Nisirat and Mandeep Singh
Corresponding Author:   Liyth Nissirat
Abstract PDF HTML

Non-stationary Operation Regimes of the Gas Bearings

Ilina Tamara Evgenevna and Bulat Mikhail Pavlovich
Corresponding Author:   Bulat Mikhail Pavlovich
Abstract PDF HTML

Performance and Emission Characteristics of Low Heat Rejection Diesel Engine Fueled with Biodiesel and High Speed Diesel

T. Gopinathan, K.P. Arul Shri and P. Shanmughasundaram
Corresponding Author:   T. Gopinathan
Abstract PDF HTML

Using Wage Rate Analysis to Determine Software Project Scale

Basit Shahzad, Romana Aziz and AbasMd Said
Corresponding Author:   Basit Shahzad
Abstract PDF HTML

Analysis of Perceptions of Customers of Cellular Phone Users in India: Study with Prepaid Service Customers and Post Paid Customers Demographic Factors

S. Muthumani and R. Saranya
Corresponding Author:   S. Muthumani
Abstract PDF HTML

Multimodal Biometrics Based on Fingerprint and Finger Vein

Anand Viswanathan and S. Chitra
Corresponding Author:   Anand Viswanathan
Abstract PDF HTML

Effects of Human Capital and Trade Orientation on Output and Total Factor Productivity in Pakistan

Liaqat Ali and Muhammad Ismaeel Ramay
Corresponding Author:   Liaqat Ali
Abstract PDF HTML

Classification of EMG Signal Based on Human Percentile using SOM

M.H. Jali, Z.H. Bohari, M.F. Sulaima, M.N.M. Nasir and H.I. Jaafar
Corresponding Author:   M.H. Jali
Abstract PDF HTML

Reliability Calculation of VANET with RSU and SP

P. Uma Maheswari and M. Rajeswari
Corresponding Author:   P. Uma Maheswari
Abstract PDF HTML

A Novel Approach for the Diagnosis of Diabetes and Liver Cancer using ANFIS and Improved KNN

C. Kalaiselvi and G.M. Nasira
Corresponding Author:   C. Kalaiselvi
Abstract PDF HTML

Object Recognition Based on Wave Atom Transform

Thambu Gladstan and E. Mohan
Corresponding Author:   Thambu Gladstan
Abstract PDF HTML

A New Regression Estimator Based on Two Auxiliary Variables

Saman Shahbaz, Muhammad Zubair, Nadeem Shafique Butt and Muhammad Ismail
Corresponding Author:   Muhammad Ismail
Abstract PDF HTML

Multi Objective Genetic Algorithm for Congestion Management in Deregulated Power System Using Generator Rescheduling and Facts Devices

S. Sivakumar and D. Devaraj
Corresponding Author:   S. Sivakumar
Abstract PDF HTML

Energy Efficient Parallel Optical Burst Switching (POBS) Networks

Mohammed Joudah Zaiter, Salman Yussof, Cheng Lai Cheah, Abid Abdelouhahab and Adnan Ibrahem Salih
Corresponding Author:   Mohammed Joudah Zaiter
Abstract PDF HTML

Enhancement of Selection, Bubble and Insertion Sorting Algorithm

Muhammad Farooq Umar, Ehsan Ullah Munir, Shafqat Ali Shad and Muhammad Wasif Nisar
Corresponding Author:   Muhammad Farooq Umar
Abstract PDF HTML

The Role of pH and Solid Content of Ball Grinding Environment on Rougher Flotation

Ahmad Abbasi Gharaei, Bahram Rezai, Asghar Azizi and Kumars Seifpanahi Shabani
Corresponding Author:   Kumars Seifpanahi Shabani
Abstract PDF HTML

Enhanced Color Filter Array Interpolation Using Fuzzy Genetic Algorithm

E. Sree Devi and B. Anand
Corresponding Author:   E. Sree Devi
Abstract PDF HTML

Simulation of a Ball on a Beam Model Using a Fuzzy-dynamic and a Fuzzy-static Sliding-mode Controller

Muawia A. Magzoub, Nordin B. Saad and Rosdiazli B. Ibrahim
Corresponding Author:   Muawia A. Magzoub
Abstract PDF HTML

ISSN (Online):  2040-7467
ISSN (Print):   2040-7459
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