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2016 (Vol. 8, Issue: 4)
Research Article

Prevalence of ACTN3 R577X Polymorphism in Chinese University Students

1Gao Peng Hua and 2Zhang Zhi Ming
1Department of Physical Education, Northwestern University, Xi'an, Shannxi 710069
2Department of Clinical Laboratory, Xi'an Central Hospital, Xi'an, Shannxi 710003, P.R. China

DOI: 10.19026/ajms.8.3419
Submitted Accepted Published
August ‎15, ‎2016 September 14, 2016 December 25, 2016

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1Gao Peng Hua and 2Zhang Zhi Ming, 2016. Prevalence of ACTN3 R577X Polymorphism in Chinese University Students.  Asian Journal of Medical Sciences, 8(4): 15-18.

DOI: 10.19026/ajms.8.3419

URL: http://www.maxwellsci.com/jp/mspabstract.php?jid=AJMS&doi=ajms.8.3419


The study on single-nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) of alpha-actinin (ACTN)3 gene was mainly focused on R577X codon (rs1815739), which leads to replacement of an arginine (577R) with a premature stop codon (577X), The ACTN3 R577X polymorphism has been reported to be related to the elite athlete performance, disease and even history of human evolution. The objective of the current study was to analysis genotype and allelic frequencies of ACTN3 R577X in Chinese University Students. We used TaqMan SNP assay for genotyping 638 Chinese Han Nationality University Students. Total of 638 Northwestern University students in this study, of whom 322 were female and 316 were male, The different genotypes were as follow; 32.13% RR (205/638), 51.25% RX(327/638), 16.61% XX (106/638), R allele 0.58(737/1276), X allele 0.42(539/1276). Respectively, 322 female 31.37% RR (101/322), 49.69% RX (160/322), 18.94% XX(61/322),R allele 0.56(362/644), X allele 0.44(282/644). 316 male 32.91% RR (104/316), 52.85% RX(167/316), 14.24% XX (45/316), R allele 0.59(375/632), X allele 0.41(257/632). 638 Northwestern University students in this study were confirmed to have representativeness, It is similar to Iranian population and Caucasian, which is also favors the hypothesis of an adaptive evolutionary history for ACTN3 R577X.

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