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2017 (Vol. 14, Issue: 2)
Research Article

Low Cost Negative Pressure Wound Healing Device System

1Tian-Swee Tan, 1Kee-Gang Ng, 2Kasim Johari, 1Kah-Meng Leong, 3Zaharil Arman and 4Chong-Keat Teoh
1Medical Device and Technology Group, Faculty of Bioscience and Medical Engineering
2Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
3Reconstructive Sciences Unit, Universiti Sains Malaysia
4Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Computing, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia

DOI: 10.19026/rjaset.14.3989
Submitted Accepted Published
May ‎7, ‎2015 June ‎22, ‎2015 February 15, 2017

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1Tian-Swee Tan, 1Kee-Gang Ng, 2Kasim Johari, 1Kah-Meng Leong, 3Zaharil Arman and 4Chong-Keat Teoh, 2017. Low Cost Negative Pressure Wound Healing Device System.  Research Journal of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology, 14(2): 56-60.

DOI: 10.19026/rjaset.14.3989

URL: http://www.maxwellsci.com/jp/mspabstract.php?jid=RJASET&doi=rjaset.14.3989


Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NWPT) has been successfully used in treating acute and chronic wound by promoting wound healing. Many medical techniques like NPWT are available in this world but not approachable for many patients due to high in cost and lack of devices. In order for most of the patients accessible to NPWT, an inexpensive NPWT system is explored in this study. Aim of this work is to design a prototype of NPWT system that can generate negative pressure and the negative pressure can be regulated within the range. A NPWT system consists of vacuum pump, drainage tube, wound dressing, fluid collecting canister and adhesive film dressing. In this study, a miniature vacuum pump, canister and Arduino microcontroller were used in order to build up a functional NPWT system. The system has been designed to supply negative pressure from 0 mmHg to 200mmHg and negative pressure which can be controlled. To sum up, this system is able to function according to the require specification and suitable for home healthcare wound healing device with safety precaution implement and system stabilization is improved in future.

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