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2018 (Vol. 15, Issue: 2)
Research Article

Effect of Construction Overflow Weir Across Euphrates River in the Chibayish Marshes Region

1Alaa H. Alshami, 2Haitham A. Hussein and 2Mohammed A. Ibrahim
1Civil Engineering Department, AlFarabi University
2Civil Engineering Department, Alnahrain University, Baghdad, Iraq

DOI: 10.19026/rjaset.15.5291
Submitted Accepted Published
August 7, 2017 October 10, 2017 February 15, 2018

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1Alaa H. Alshami, 2Haitham A. Hussein and 2Mohammed A. Ibrahim, 2018. Effect of Construction Overflow Weir Across Euphrates River in the Chibayish Marshes Region.  Research Journal of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology, 15(2): 47-56.

DOI: 10.19026/rjaset.15.5291

URL: http://www.maxwellsci.com/jp/mspabstract.php?jid=RJASET&doi=rjaset.15.5291


Developing integrated marches management for restoration of the southern marshes in Iraq require adequate reliable plan. The aim of this study is developing the Chibayish region. In this study, economic feasibility and cost analysis for constructing embankment across Euphrates River and overflow weir are conducted. These structures are used to regulate the Euphrates River during the flood season and the deficit period and improve the quality of water in central marshes. In addition, this feasibility study examines the effect of establishing the controlling regulator on increasing the area of cultivation of the Malha irrigation project and improving the livestock with fish capturing in the region. The economic analysis and feasibility calculations showed that the time of payback period is equal to 7 years after 3 years from the construction time and the rate of the benefit cost B/C is equal to one when the discount rate is equal to 22%. By these results we can consider the project to be economically feasible and can improve the income of local people at Chibayish Marshes region.

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